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Selecting the Right Suspenders


To the fashion-conscious, suspenders are a deeply personal accessory. With so many variations to choose from, selecting the right suspenders is crucial because they can speak volumes about not only your personal style, but also your personality.

how to choose suspenders- Suspenderstore


Let’s start at the beginning — choosing the right size. Because of their adjustability, many people think suspenders are one-size-fits-all, which isn’t the case. Selecting the wrong suspender size can mean a loose and sloppy fit, while selecting the right size makes for a perfect accessory to compliment your outfit.

Sizing Guide:

Because every body is different, the best way to determine the correct suspender size is to measure yourself for suspenders using a tape measure as shown below. Then round up to the next size suspender, since the suspender size indicates the length of the length of the straps fully extended and the suspenders can be shortened, not lengthened.

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However, if you can’t measure the person who will be wearing the suspenders, you can guestimate the correct size based on the individual’s height, as follows:

42 inch: 5’ – 5’9” Individual

46 inch: 5’2” – 6’1” Individual

48 inch: 5’9” – 6’2” Individual

52 inch: 6’ – 6’4” Individual

54 inch: 6’1” – 6’5” Individual


Now that we’ve navigated the sizing, let’s move on to the styling. Suspenders generally fall into around five categories: business dress, business casual, all purpose, black tie and work.

Business dress suspenders traditionally have button attachments which add an authentic flair and really convey that you are someone who knows what they’re doing in the fashion world.

Business casual suspenders usually have clip attachments, which give them a more relaxed feel and are great for people who want to bust out this fun accessory from time to time, but don’t necessarily want to overhaul their pants wardrobe to be suspender-friendly.

Black tie suspenders are for that special occasion when everything needs to be perfect. Generally used for occasions such as weddings, corporate functions or other times when evening attire is required, these suspenders exude class and style.

versatile suspenders-Suspenderstore

All purpose suspenders are versatile suspenders that can be worn for just about any occasion – at work or play! These suspenders can do double duty – wear them with a business suit one day and with jeans the next – either way they will add a unique and fashionable touch to your attire.

Work suspenders are no-nonsense. These suspenders are for people who go out on the job for long hours and need a bit of extra help making sure their pants stay securely in place while they tend to the task at hand. Traditionally made of high-durability fabric, these suspenders have your back.


This is when we can really have some fun with suspenders. These fashion accessories come in all colors of the rainbow, as well as patterns and novelty styles. Brother-in-law have some crazy obsession with Minions? There are suspenders for that. Does your little girl want to express her uniqueness with a pair of hot pink suspenders clipped to her tutu? Yep, there are suspenders for that, too.

No matter the occasion, personality or gift, there are suspenders to suit your needs and they can be found right here at SuspenderStore.

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