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Memorial Day Suspenders

Memorial Day has several meanings. For the entire country, it’s a day to reflect on the heroism and sacrifices of brave soldiers and military veterans. For people making plans for picnics and fun outings, it’s also a time to enjoy hanging out with family and friends. If you’re a fan of wearing suspenders, there are several ways to use suspenders as a means of expressing your individuality over the long holiday weekend. Military Service and Service Members memorial day - military & Service suspenders Serving your country as a soldier requires commitment, grit and a sense of duty. While there are other reasons to anticipate the arrival of Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the holiday’s true purpose — remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Whether you’re a current member of the armed services or a proud veteran, you can find suspenders featuring the insignia of your military service branch. Perhaps you’re wondering how such a clothing accessory item even exists. Well, it all comes down to fulfilling a desire for stylish military-themed accessories. There are already military-themed accessories such as hats, socks and pins, and now you can add suspenders to this list. Veterans, in particular, enjoy wearing armed forces suspenders representing the Air Force, Marines or Navy military branches. As many veterans know, the lessons and friendships made while serving can last well beyond the days of active duty. Military insignia suspenders are a tasteful way to openly show continued support and pride. Camouflage patterns on clothing and accessories are extremely popular with veterans and people from non-military backgrounds. Camouflage style suspenders and those featuring military insignia are both great options to wear to your local parade and to official Memorial Day observances. When wearing armed forces suspenders, you can avoid unseemly color clashes by pairing them with white, black or navy colored tops and pants. Green pants may also be acceptable, depending on the color hue. Classic Americana Memorial Day weekend may find you firing up the BBQ grill and enjoying a casual cookout with family and friends. Everyone munches on burgers, hot dogs and tasty side dishes while shooting the breeze and relaxing. Your style for the weekend is pure comfort, and that means jeans, khakis, shorts and casual tops. You can capture the timeless spirit of classic Americana style with braided leather suspenders in black or brown. Leather exudes warmth, and you can wear these durable suspenders with dark or light colors and look sharp without even trying. Because this holiday is also about celebrating fallen soldiers, you can select patriotic suspenders to honor them and express your love of country. Go with red, white and blue stripe patterns, the American flag or other symbolic motifs. Fun Colors and Playful Patterns Over the years, Memorial Day weekend has come to be known as the unofficial start of summer. It may still feel like spring, but you know the sunny days of summer are just around the corner. This is enough to put you in a good mood for enjoying picnics, entertainment parks and other fun in the sun activities. While you’re contemplating what to wear, consider accessorizing your weekend outfits with one or more sets of colorful clip suspenders. You can easily match your mood with contemporary colors such as orange, yellow, mint, teal pink, lilac and white. When you’re feeling playful, go with attention-getting suspenders featuring whimsical characters and other fun graphic images. Memorial Day suspenders come in a wide variety of styles that help you express your sense of fun and patriotism.
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