Blue and White Striped Suspenders

Striped Suspender Styles: Pair the Perfect Stripe

Striped suspenders are very stylish from the office to a night out, but you might wonder why we decided to put together a suspenders style guide for striped suspenders.

Simply put, we want to share our knowledge and experience about this popular style of suspenders. The stripe pattern can be done in so many ways, and our stripe style guide can help you figure out what stripes appeal to you the most as you contemplate wearing your striped suspenders with various outfits.

Striped Suspenders

During your shopping session, you are likely to see suspenders with thin stripes, thick stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, equal width stripes, pin stripes, bold stripes, subtle stripes, zebra stripes, striped suspenders with clip attachments, striped suspenders with button attachments, silk suspenders with stripes, grosgrain striped suspenders, elastic striped suspenders — the possibilities for adding striped suspenders into your wardrobe are almost endless!

With so many types of stripes to choose from, embracing your inner fashionista will not be a problem — but where should you start?  This suspenders style guide can help you sort that out.

Brown and Navy Striped Men's Suspenders

How do you plan to wear your suspenders?

While stripes are one of the easiest patterns to pull off, it is essential to consider your entire outfit before you wear striped suspenders. Here are a few tips for selecting clothing ensembles to successfully incorporate striped suspenders into your look. 

Go easy on pairing stripes with other patterns, at least at first.

While it’s possible to pull off a great look by mixing stripe patterns with polka dots, plaids and other common patterns, this type of mixing falls into the category of advanced stripe wearing. So, what should you do instead? Beginners should start out by adding stripes to solid color basics. Doing this successfully means that at least one element of the striped pattern complements the color theme of the rest of your attire. For example, you can pair a navy blue suit with a white shirt and a classic striped pattern like navy and red, navy and yellow or navy and green.

Navy Button Suspenders

When can you start experimenting with striped patterns? Once you’ve mastered the art of pairing striped suspenders with solid colors, you can then begin to experiment. If you have a favorite plaid shirt, for instance, you can find striped suspenders in colors that match well with the shirt colors. Alternatively, striped suspenders may look cool with a paisley print or polka dot print. It’s good to have several pairs of striped suspenders in different color combinations, giving you more options for pattern mixing.

Consider your personal style

Are your tastes bold and daring or classic and understated? If you want to stand out in a crowd, choose wider stripes in contrasting colors. Aiming to be more subtle? Go with thin or pin stripes in shades of the same color as the top or bottom. Alternating stripes of equal width in two contrasting colors (for example navy blue and white or red and navy blue) will lend a nautical look to your ensemble. Want a vintage look? Add a newsboy cap and a bow tie to your outfit and go with button-on striped suspenders.

Regardless of how an outfit pairs with your striped suspenders, it is important that you're happy with the final results. Remember, if you're happy with how you look, you'll be able to remain confident everywhere you go. 

Vary the suspender fabrics to match the occasion

Business and dress situations call for a more formal striped suspender — choose fabrics such as silk and grosgrain to get a polished and professional look. Suspenders with button attachments provide a more traditional look while suspenders with clip attachments are slightly less formal but earn points for ease of use. Can't decide? Choose a striped suspender with convertible attachments — that way you can easily change them from clip-on to button-on whenever you want. Going casual to a casual affair? Elastic suspenders will fit the ticket!

Change your stripes often and be fearless

Striped suspenders are a superb fashion accessory, and those who choose to go bold can wear these suspenders with any outfit, for any occasion.

Once you get some experience wearing your stripes, don't be afraid to start taking some fashion risks. A fearless attitude goes a long way, particularly when it comes to wearing striped suspenders. With the right attitude, you'll be able to wear your suspenders with any outfit without fear – something that is sure to impress your friends, family and co-workers.

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