Suspender Trends: Top Suspender Styles for Summer 2020

Summer style 2020 is here and with it comes the latest fashion trends for those who enjoy wearing suspenders. Now is the time to think about ways to freshen up your look, and perhaps create some new flattering looks that fit your personal sense of style. In keeping with our yearly tradition, we bring you the very best of women and men’s spring style trends that work well with your collection of suspenders.

The Updated Tailored Suit

Tailoring is a major focus for this spring season for suits of all kinds. Whether you wear suits to work on most workdays or only on certain occasions, this new trend may be of interest to you. Updated suit looks are tailored or oversized (but not too much), and the choice of suit color is expanding. Suit jackets are relaxed and may only have one button. The bottom of pants can overflow onto shoes. Cream, chambray, blue, merlot and other colors are sharp-looking alternatives to black, navy and grey. This means you have many more choices for pairing solid color and patterned suspenders with suit styles and colors for a professional look.

Patterned Suspenders - Suspender Store

Casual in Cargo

Anyone who enjoys wearing cargo pants is going to be thrilled that this look is now a trendsetter. But it goes further than simply pulling on a pair of pants. Utility and pockets play a role in this updated trend. Additional pieces for the casual cargo include a fisherman’s style utility vest and a casual cargo style jacket. Pair these any way you want with sweatshirts, turtlenecks, T-shirts and hoodies. Also, there’s no need to wear all these pieces together. You can pair suspenders with cargo pants and a nice sweater, casual button-down shirt or tee and casual shoes.

Looking Good in Pastels

Pastel colors are a good choice for men and women who are okay showing off a softer side. Think soft yellow, pink, green and blue for tops or bottoms. You can pair your soft-colored pieces with pastel suspenders to add another layer of color and texture to your look.

Pastel Suspenders
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