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Stylish Ideas for Father’s Day Suspender Gifts

Stylish Ideas for Father's Day Suspender Gifts   

For dads who have a great sense of style (or rely on their spouse and kids for help in that department), there’s no better Father’s Day gift than a stylish accessory. Unfortunately, the go-to gifts of a tie or a watch can get a little old after a few years, which is why it’s time to switch things up with a pair of stylish suspenders instead. Giving your dad some suspenders makes for a fun surprise because it’s something new and exciting to add to his wardrobe. Learn more about the types of suspenders so you can pick out the perfect pair for a Father’s Day gift.

Suspender Styles

There are many different types of suspenders, so picking out the right Father’s Day suspenders takes a little bit of research. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy list of the key suspender styles from which to choose and which dads might like them the most:

  • Dress Suspenders: These have a professional look that’s perfect for the dad who needs to wear a suit to work every day. Look for classic patterns like plaid, argyle, paisley or striped suspenders.
  • Casual Suspenders: Let your dad’s personal style shine with all-purpose suspenders he can wear any time to add extra color and pizazz to his outfits.
  • Western Suspenders: If your dad has a rustic, country style, choose leather suspenders with Western flair.
  • Work Suspenders: Does he work a manual job or like to do DIY around the house? Work suspenders are designed to help hold up heavy tool belts.
  • Novelty Suspenders: For the dad with a sense of humor, there’s nothing better than novelty suspenders that show off his funny side or feature a favorite interest.

Cool Suspender Features

Most dads are discerning guys who like to know the ins and outs of their belongings. To make him even more excited about his Father’s Day suspenders, find suspenders with cool features, like button attachments instead of clips, or airport-friendly suspenders that won’t set off metal detectors. You can also pick out some matching suspender accessories to complete his look, like a stylish bow tie, pocket square or lapel flower.

Give your dad a truly memorable gift this year with a pair of stylish suspenders for Father’s Day.

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