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Toddlers may not fully grasp this whole getting married concept, but they do enjoy all the attention they get for looking cute as a button at the wedding. Thanks to suspenders, your toddler can look dapper and remain comfortable while keeping those pants where they need to be. This short guide gives you some ideas on what suspenders work best for little ones. Color Matching with Adults Kids like to feel like they’re an important part of the wedding festivities too. If the wedding party or guests are wearing certain colors, toddler attire colors should closely match. Now, maybe your toddler isn’t old enough to know one color from the next, but clothing cohesiveness matters when it comes to taking memorable photos. If you know the wedding theme colors, picking clothing colors is a snap. If not, stick with neutrals that blend well with all color themes. Soft suspender colors for kids include ivory, sand, lavender and turquoise. Formal or Romantic Toddlers can totally pull off a formal look when the wedding attire is decidedly upscale. Dress your cutie in black slacks, a crisp white dress shirt and a pint-size bow tie. To ensure that pants stay up during and after the official ceremony, select black and white suspenders for eye-catching chicness. This way, you can pair an alternative black shirt with suspenders and pick a black or white tie. Romance is in the air when your toddler attends a wedding featuring hearts and flowers. To pay homage to a theme of everlasting love, dress your toddler in a pair of adorable heart suspenders, automatically turning them into a cherub-like cupid for the big day. Casual Fun Some modern weddings feature fun themes that are totally outside the box when it comes to wedding attire. These are weddings where the bride and groom are dressed like their favorite comic book or movie characters. Or, the festivities are so laid-back the couple doesn’t care what anyone wears. These scenarios allow you to have a bit of fun by choosing cartoon character suspenders for your toddler or similar whimsical styles. Follow child sizing guidelines to ensure you choose suspenders that fit as well as they look.
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