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Choosing the right pants to wear with suspenders can seem daunting. If you’ve shied away from this fashionable accessory because you’re not sure what kind of pants they’ll work best with, the experts at SuspenderStore are here to help. Read on for our pro tips on choosing the right pants to wear with your suspenders.

Fasteners Matter

The first thing to think about when matching pants to braces is the fastener. Basically, you’ve got two options: clips or buttons. For the most versatility in your wardrobe, clips are a good choice because they do not require you to alter your trousers in any way, and they can accommodate khakis, dress pants and jeans with a secure fit. If your outfit includes pants of thicker materials like corduroy or very heavy denim, consider the pin clip option that adds a bit more security without damaging the material.

Pants of more delicate fabrics — silk, rayon, crepe — may require buttons for optimal suspender use. You can sew buttons to your waistband for a permanent and polished look, or try no-sew options for the same great style without commitment.

Keep It Simple

Suspenders add an element of interest to an outfit, so let them shine by keeping the rest of your look simple. This is particularly true in professional or formal situations. If you’re wearing suspenders with a natty suit to the office, match your pocket square to the color or pattern of the suspenders, but keep the rest neutral. For a casual look with jeans, however, the simplicity can mean layering a shirt and crewneck sweater under suspenders or slipping them over nothing more than a tank top. In both cases, the pants are simple and slim.

Consider the Silhouette

Unlike a belt, suspenders will not cinch your waist. That means you need to consider the overall silhouette of your outfit. In general, suspenders will draw the eye vertically, adding a bit of height and making you look a tad slimmer, so your pants should fit your waist without squeezing it. Slim-fit jeans and trousers will capitalize on this effect.

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