Girls Black Suspenders

Top 5 Outfit Ideas with Suspenders for Girls in 2020

There is nothing cuter than seeing kids wearing outfits with suspenders, and you can find plenty of style options when shopping for suspenders for kids. If you think your little girl is a good fit for this trendy accessory, our quick fashion guide can give you some fresh ideas for creating cute outfits with suspenders for girls.

Creative Girl’s Casual Skirt Outfit

Little girls who show a natural gift for creative pursuits like arts and crafts, drawing, dancing or singing may love this idea. This suspenders for girls’ outfit idea starts with a plain denim skirt. Choose a pair of black or navy suspenders to go with a dark denim skirt or traditional denim suspenders if the skirt is a lighter blue. Customize her skirt with iron-on patches for kids featuring images that appeal to her personality (apply two to four patches to the front of the skirt). For the top, select a white T-shirt with a fun, kid-friendly saying and put all three pieces together for a one-of-a-kind outfit.

Shorts: Three Ways to Wear Suspenders

Wearing shorts just became a lot more fun when you add suspenders to the mix of accessories. Here are three short outfits that are easy to create with a collection of colorful suspenders.

  • Go Western. Pick out the coolest pair of denim-washed jean shorts you can find in her size. These bottoms should look lived in and not pristine. Find a comfy white T-shirt with cute wording (or create one for a fun project) to wear with these shorts. Accessorize with Fresh Hues suspenders in soft colors such as blush pink, peach, sand tan or seafoam green. Add Western-style boots or shoes and a kid-size hat if she loves that look.
  • Little Miss. She’s the ultimate girly girl in an outfit of floral shorts, frilly white sleeveless shirt and solid-color suspenders in a color that closely matches any one color in the shorts.
Solid Color Suspenders
  • Sassy Nerd. Bring out her inner nerd in a fun way by dressing her in bright, solid-color shorts, a multicolored plaid shirt and solid-color suspenders in a dark, complementary color (this doesn’t have to be an exact match). For example, she could wear light pink shorts, a green-and-pink plaid shirt with royal blue or hunter green suspenders.

Her Cool Tutu Look

When it’s time to dress up for a special occasion, this tutu look is a fashion winner. Choose a girls’ dark blue tutu skirt in her size (or a tulle skirt) and pair it with a pretty, short-sleeve white shirt, black suspenders and an optional dark blue kid’s bow tie. Either way, you can add a dark blue patterned hair bow for extra cuteness.

Black Skirt: Two Ways to Style Your Suspenders

A black skirt is a versatile piece to have in any girl’s closet. Quickly add fashion appeal with a pair of solid black suspenders and different tops.

  • Big bow and blouse. Find a large girl’s or women’s fashion bow tie in her favorite color and pair it with a crisp, white, long-sleeve button-down shirt with a collar and the two black pieces above.
  • Lively red. A black skirt and black suspenders pairs great with a long-sleeved red shirt with a stripe, plaid or polka dot pattern.

Pants: Two Ways

This outfit is a classic, and here are two pants and suspender ideas for your sweet fashionista to try out for herself.

  • Black pants. Create a classic, polished look with a pair of black slacks or jeans, black suspenders and a white or pink top with long, stylish sleeves (bell, boho, ruffle, etc.).
  • Pink pants. Make a strong feminine fashion statement with pink pants, white or black top and black or pink suspenders (light or dark pink).
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