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Upgrade Your Work from Home Style with Suspenders

Working from home comes with a few perks, such as sleeping in late when you want and the choice to work in your pajamas. Okay, that last one may be one you’re more than a little familiar with if you earn a living from home. Sure, it’s nice to not have to put on stylish work clothing as you carry out various work tasks but dressing too casually may be hindering you from being a bigger success.

How so?

Have you heard the term, “dress for success?” This mantra also applies to those who make a living from the same place they live. Choosing work from home outfits consisting of a clean, stylish top and nice pair of slacks or  jeans can help elevate your mood and approach to work. Not to mention that there are video conferences to present yourself during too. We suggest going a step further by adding a collection of great-looking, comfortable suspenders to your outfit selection. Try it and see how much more productive you are during the day.

What suspenders are a good choice for home workers? Here are some work-from-home style tips for everyday wear.

Retro suspenders style

Wide Stripe Clip On Suspenders

The wide stripe suspender is a good option to wear for working at home. This stripe pattern works well with most casual outfits and the drop clip attachment make them a breeze to put on and take off. Stripes are a popular pattern style for suspenders because they are naturally sharp-looking and offer two or three colors in one style. A pair of stripe suspenders can easily be worn at home and when you’re out and about on errands or going to visit clients.

Striped Suspenders

Newport One-Inch Solid X-Back Suspenders

Every work-at-home wardrobe should have a few solid color suspenders on-hand for versatile dressing. Our Newport one-inch suspenders are a nice choice for casual or dressier outfits. This clip-on style looks good with slacks and jeans, and you can find them in a bunch of colors ranging from neutrals to darker hues to pastels. A minimum of one pair in each of these color categories gives you so many ways to enhance tops and bottoms.

Pinstripe Clip-On Y-Back Suspenders

Classic pinstripes are always a good choice for those who want to feel like they are at the top of their game. You can also embody the mindset of doing whatever it takes to reach the highest heights by wearing your own pair of chic pinstripe suspenders. This style has a traditional look, and you’ll want to select tops and bottoms in black, blue, navy, grey, brown or cream/beige. Pinstripes are a good choice for in-person or virtual meetings because they make you look professional and ready for business.

Red Suspenders

Red is the ultimate power color and it’s also an energetic color that you can wear when you’re feeling revved up. Red suspenders come in all popular widths and there is the added bonus of having them on-hand to wear for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Money Suspenders

If you like to set monetary goals for yourself, reaching them can be a lot more fun when you wear a pair of novelty suspenders featuring the image of real money. Our Benjamin suspenders are populated with crisp, $100 bills for motivation. If you prefer a vintage touch, try our coin suspenders for a retro-inspired look with the same boost to productivity.

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