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Top 5 Outfits for Kids with Suspenders

Kids and suspenders go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you think suspenders are an accessory only grown-ups can sport, we’re here to show you that kids with suspenders can look super adorable — and feel comfortable too!

The experts at SuspenderStore have put together five fun kids’ outfits with suspenders to spark your youngster’s clothing creativity.

1. Little Man

There’s something universally appealing about little kids dressed like adults. Whether it’s for a wedding, Easter Sunday or some other special occasion, suspenders add a sophisticated touch to a little boy in a collared shirt and tie. Don’t be afraid to go for a fun pattern on your kid’s suspenders, but keep the necktie solid and select a novelty print that plays up the same color as the tie. And to really capture the grown-man look, top your tween with a fedora for full-on fashion.

Kids Skinny Suspenders

2. Half-Pint Hipster

Parents who embrace the hipster look and lifestyle should be quietly rejoicing right now! Suspenders for kids were virtually made for carrying on the hipster trend in a half-pint version. Lend your toddler or tween that cool T-shirt that no longer fits you, cuff their skinny jeans over their Buster Browns, and let their kids’ solid-color button suspenders dangle downward from their waistband. Finish the hipster look with a pork pie hat, pint-sized sunnies and plenty of attitude.

3. Tomboy Chic

Girls can rock suspenders just as well as boys can! Take the tomboy look to the next level with trousers in a classic print, like houndstooth or windowpane plaid, a tuxedo-inspired blouse and fun patterned kids’ suspenders. This kind of outfit is dressy enough for a special occasion but comfortable enough to keep her happy. Dress it up further with a fancier blouse in a silky fabric and shiny Mary Janes, or keep it casual with sneakers and a cute hat. She’ll love it as much or even more than any dress, and everyone will love how adorable she looks.

4. Baby Bow Tie

Kids Pre-Tied Bow Ties

Your littlest pride and joy can get in on the fun too, especially in suspenders for kids with bow tie flair. The suspenders at SuspenderStore are designed for everyone from toddlers to adults, so you can easily find the right size for kids, even those who can’t yet walk. We can’t think of much that’s cuter than a baby in a bow tie, and we carry a full line of pre-tied bow ties for kids that are just the right size with fully adjustable necks for a comfortable fit. Dress up baby for family photo ops that put adorbs on overload.

5. Tiny Farmer

Letting kids be kids means expecting lots of outdoor play time where dirt and mud are definitely on the agenda. Keep it casual for your mini me with jeans, a soft flannel shirt and a set of youth suspenders that pull it all together. A lot of kids balk at putting on a belt, but their pants or jeans might still need some growing into. The tiny farmer look is perfect for school days, play dates and everyday easy living. Your kid will be comfy and cozy, and you’ll be happy knowing their pants won’t work their way down past their drawers while they’re out making hay in the sunshine.

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