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The bride and bridesmaids put a lot of effort into looking exquisite on the wedding day. For the groomsmen, it often boils down to renting identical tuxes and making sure everyone’s hair is combed.

The experts at SuspenderStore think your groomsmen’s outfits are just as important for showing off the style and theme of your wedding, so we came up with a few groomsmen outfit ideas with suspenders to spark your creativity.

Color Theory

Many brides think of only the bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces for their wedding colors. But adding a splash of color to the groomsmen’s outfits can create a unified look that really pops in photos.

The simplicity of suspenders with a matching bow tie in your wedding’s principle color goes a long way to dress up a white shirt and black or gray trousers. There’s a full rainbow of colored suspenders available in high-quality fabrics like grosgrain and silk, so whether you’re looking for classic red, stately blue or cheery yellow, you’ll find a vibrant option that all the men in your party will feel comfortable in.

Coordinated Patterns

For more subtle creativity that still makes a statement, consider coordinating two classic patterns for the groomsmen’s ties and suspenders. We know that bow ties are often the go-to pairing with suspenders, but they also complement a regular necktie in a decidedly grown-up fashion.

Patterned suspenders give you options like houndstooth, plaid or argyle that underscore a dignified yet playful personality. Pair patterns that share the same color family and scale, like striped suspenders and a subtly flowered necktie or gray plaid suspenders and a white and gray polka dot tie. Keeping the color and scale similar will avoid a scattered feel.

Formal Flair

If your big day is strictly formal, you can still add subtle flair to your groomsmen with upscale choices like French satin suspenders. The subtle sheen of satin elevates groomsmen without jackets, especially with coordinated bow ties. Even under a coat, button-on suspenders in a rich fabric peek out for a delightful touch of elegance.

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