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Top Fall Suspenders Style Trends – Fall 2020 Fashion

The current 2020 fall fashion trends are here, and they offer those who are looking for new ways to wear suspenders some great ideas. At SuspenderStore, we keep a lookout for what’s trending and pass that info along to anyone who loves creating unique looks with suspenders. While a few trends are enjoying ongoing popularity, there are some fun surprises in suspender style choices this year.

Going All in with Print

In the latest autumn women’s and men’s suspenders style trends, one of the standout looks is the use of prints. And we’re not just talking about wearing a single item featuring a print. The new trend is to go all in with your choice of print and be bold and bodacious. Fashion designers demonstrate their print vision by having models walk the runway in outfits that feature the same print in the same color. It’s definitely a twist on the monochromatic look, and it may be up your alley if you’re more of the adventurous type when it comes to fashion.

Get started on your look by choosing a print suit for men or women. If there is a vest or tie in the same print, you can go for maximum print coordination. As another choice, you can pair a print suit with a solid color shirt and an optional solid-colored tie using the suit colors as a guide. Solid color suspenders are the way to go to not distract from the suit’s print with this classy fall suspenders outfit.

Mad About Motifs

Get ready to express yourself in ways you may have never imagined before with tops and bottoms featuring a motif. Basically, a motif is any type of design imprinted on clothing that draws attention, which is different than the usual all-over prints. A motif can be a figure drawing or abstract image and appear once or several times. Solid suspenders in black, grey, beige or navy blue can work well with numerous motifs featuring various color hues. It’s best to choose either a motif top or motif bottom for the most visual impact.

Denim 2.0

Basic jeans are getting a 2020 makeover and we’re all for it! Prepare to see jeans featuring prints inspired by classic and contemporary designs. For instance, you may find a pair with a classy baroque print, with interesting abstract blocking or embellished with glitter. Oh, and this trend applies to jean jackets as well. Your denim 2.0 pieces can be worn with a printed top in any color and different styles of suspenders. Let inspiration be your guide.

Red Alert

Red is a major color influence for this year, and you can get decked out in as much red as you want. One outfit can be a red sweater with decorative accents paired with red pants and red suspenders. Or opt for a red and white shirt, red pants and red or white suspenders. Or choose a red suit, white shirt and white or red suspenders.

Check in With Checks

If you love shirts with a check pattern, you can give them a boost by pairing them with black or color coordinated suspenders. Checks are also showing up in outerwear, and you can stay warm with a sophisticated checkered coat. Underneath, you can flaunt your choice of solid or checkered suspenders.

Rocking the ‘70s

The 1970s are back in a big way, and if you’ve always wanted to achieve a groovy look with suspenders, here’s your chance. In celebration of the ‘70s bold and casual looks, you can break out trendy fall suspenders featuring rainbow colors, sparkling with glitter or made of blue denim.

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