Black Suspenders with Sunglasses

Suspenders Outfit: What Looks Good with Suspenders?

Every now and then, the question comes up about what kind of clothing pieces look good with suspenders for women or men. This kind of question has many possible answers. However, we decided to focus on the basic clothing pieces that everyone who enjoys wearing suspenders can use to create any style of suspenders outfit they choose. This short guide will be helpful for anyone from the person new to wearing suspenders all the way to experienced suspender wearers who want to ensure they always look good.

Button-Down Dress Shirt

Suspenders are often worn with a button-down dress shirt in office settings. This is because this shirt style offers a lot of fashion versatility, looks professional and is easy to pair with a range of dress suspender styles. It should also be noted that the more shirt colors you have in your collection, the more fashion options you have in your professional style wardrobe. We recommend having dress shirts in solid colors of white, light blue, dark blue, brown and black. Expand your work style with solid colors of pink, pale yellow and maroon.

Can striped or other prints in a dress shirt work with suspenders? Yes, they can, and you should add some of these too. First, though, it’s easier (and safer) to experiment with a collection of basic solids.

Suit Jacket

Some people are required to dress formally for work each day, while others may only wear a full suit once in a while. Regardless of frequency, it’s a good idea to have at least one nice-looking suit jacket in your closet. If you are only going to have one, choose a black suit jacket for its cool sophistication. Navy blue is a great color for a second jacket and grey can round out the three most popular jacket colors for dressy and formal outfits. Once you have these three secured, you can add as many different jacket styles as you wish.

Solid color, striped and classy printed suspenders all look good underneath a suit jacket. You can even take the jacket off during the day, confident that your look remains polished and professional.

Dress or Casual Slacks

Dress slacks are the pants that can make you look cool, sharp and ready for anything when you wear them with suspenders. Like the suit jacket, it’s imperative to find dress slacks that fit well and complement all clothing and accessories. Again, we recommend black as a main color choice, with grey and navy as supplemental colors. These slacks can be worn formally, for business and business casual looks.

Casual slacks are what you wear when you want to look nice but don’t want to go too dressy in your look. For instance, a pair of khakis is a popular style that go great with all sorts of suspenders. Also consider cargo pants and plain fabric slacks in a range of colors, including white, brown and red.

Black Suspenders with Sunglasses

White or Grey Casual Top

On those days when you want to create an easygoing, casual look but don’t want to spend time figuring out what top to wear, go for the basics. White casual tops are one of the easiest choices you can have in your wardrobe, especially when adding suspenders to your look. Grey is right up there with white, and it’s simply a matter of color preference on a particular day. However, white offers the most versatility due to it looking awesome with countless suspender styles, colors and patterns.

Denim Tops and Bottoms

Denim is another simple fashion choice that pairs well with suspenders in numerous ways. Choose suspenders by a favorite color or pattern and rock your newest outfit everywhere from errands to weekend adventures.

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