Top Fashion Suspenders for Spring and Summer

The weather is turning warmer as winter winds give way to spring renewal and summer warmth. With seasonal change comes a change in outfit choices, and suspenders can be switched up right along with all your other accessories. That’s right, it’s finally time to choose suspenders that complement your spring and summer wardrobes. To get you started on the right seasonal fashion track, here are the top suspender ideas for looking chic and cool for both seasons.

Chic Pastels

Just like darker colors are often worn during the fall and winter, spring and summer colors tend to be lighter and brighter. This change of hue corresponds with sunnier days and the blooming flowers and fauna. Pastel suspender colors are softer shades of darker or more intense hues, and they can easily add subtle chicness to your look. Popular pastel shades include coral, lavender, peach, seafoam, sand and turquoise.

Skinny Neon

Turn heads as you strut your stuff wearing bold, bright neon skinny suspenders with your outfits. These 1/2-inch suspenders have a fashionably narrow width, which helps these bright colors pop without overdoing it. Choose this style when you want to add instant vibrancy to an outfit, ensuring you stand out. Colors include orange, pink, purple, green and blue. Neon suspenders can be worn with solid color shirts such as white or blue. Printed shirts are okay too but be sure the print pattern features at least one matching (or nearly matching) neon color for coordination.

Animals and Animal Print

Combine your love for animals with your love for suspenders by choosing styles featuring a bevy of cute to cuddly animals. Just imagine how great it is to create your own wild kingdom collection by selecting suspenders with images of birds, dogs, horses, fish and other species. You can also find cool animal print suspenders to wear when you’re feeling a bit wild yourself.

Flower Power

Floral suspenders make a wonderful addition to your fashion accessory collection, and suspenders featuring beautiful flowers and leaves reflect the mood of the season. Create an uplifting look by pairing a white blouse, button-down shirt or T-shirt with flower suspenders, which are a nice alternative to solid colors or other favorite patterns.

Music Lover

Do you love music? If so, you can express this love openly by wearing any suspenders featuring a music theme. Musicians and non-musicians who enjoy this art can get a kick out of musical note suspenders. Some styles feature iconic black and white piano keys, which are fun to wear even if you can’t play a note. Other styles feature cool guitars or other musical instruments. Since music is such a big part of life, these suspenders help identify you as someone who really enjoys musical creativity and expression.

Classic Silk and Satin

Spring and summer are the most popular season for weddings and some formal events, and that means it’s also a popular time to wear either silk suspenders or satin suspenders. Both are fine-quality materials that make for luxurious suspenders, and both styles can be worn with tuxedos and business suits. They also look awesome with all sorts of groom and groomsmen outfits.

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