How to Attach Women’s Stockings to Suspenders

If you’re interested in wearing a suspender belt as a lady’s undergarment accessory for holding up stockings, keep reading to find out how to do exactly that. Along the way, you can also learn the difference between a classic suspender belt and fashion suspenders commonly worn by women.

Suspender Belt vs. Fashion Suspenders

Suspender belts have been worn by women for over 100 years, and they were once the most popular way to hold up thigh-high stockings. After pantyhose became popular, many women stopped wearing the belts in favor of one-piece stockings. Yet the suspender belt never totally went out of fashion because some women still enjoy wearing traditional thigh-high stockings with suspenders. So, what’s the difference between a suspender belt and other types of women’s suspenders?

Suspender belts are an undergarment designed to be worn underneath clothing. In appearance, they are made of fabric with an upper waist opening and suspender straps hanging from the lower end. There are usually four straps — two in front and two in back per belt. The slender straps are made of elastic and may include adjusters for lengthening or shortening straps. Ends include a two-part fastener that clamps over the edges of stockings.

Alternatively, fashion suspenders consist of two long straps slipped over the shoulder. They have either an X-back or Y-back construction, and end attachments are button-on or metal clips. This style of suspender is designed to hold up pants, shorts or a skirt, and they are typically worn over tops and underneath jackets while some suspenders are worn as undergarments.

Attaching Stockings to Suspenders

Here’s how to attach traditional thigh-high stockings to a suspender belt:

Step 1: Pull the suspender belt up to your waist, which is the most comfortable position.

Step 2: Carefully put on each stocking, slowly pulling them up as far as they can go. You can either sit or stand while doing this step.

Step 3: Open the fasteners for all four straps. This is done by pushing the round rubber nub upwards and through the large opening.

Step 4: Place the thick, upper part of the stocking between the two fastener pieces as far as it can go.

Step 5: With fabric in place, lift the large opening of the metal part of the fastener over the nub (covered by fabric) and slide the nub through the opening, down into the narrow section until it is securely in place.

Step: 6: Repeat step five for the remaining three straps.

Step 7: Stand up straight and then sit down. Do the stockings and straps feel comfortable? If so, you’re all set. If not, adjust the straps until you feel the fit is right.

Special note: Stockings categorized as stay-ups or hold-ups are designed to remain firmly in place without the need for a suspender belt. Note that their tops are too thick to fit into belt fasteners.

Why Should You Consider Fashion Suspenders?

In the same way that suspender belts are fun to wear, fashion suspenders are also lots of fun to accessorize with. And unlike undergarment styles, two-strap suspenders are meant to be seen. You can wear them with all types of tops and bottoms including button-down shirts, blouses, knit tops and even sweaters. While you may not need them to hold up your pants, it doesn’t matter because they look great with a variety of bottoms including shorts. Both styles of suspenders can be a fabulous addition to your wardrobe, so enjoy exploring your options.

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