Womens Western Leather Suspenders

Top Western Leather Suspender Styles for Guys & Gals

Men and women who want to liven up an easygoing casual look can wear Western leather suspenders for fun and for work. This iconic men’s leather suspenders style has been embraced by all who enjoy spending days in comfortable, rustic or rugged clothing and accessories that are timeless. The best Western suspenders are handmade and include expert detailing, ensuring they last a good long time. Whether you are looking to get leather suspenders for a cool fashion look, for work or for a special event such as a wedding, you can use our handy list to help you decide what Western suspender styles to add to your wardrobe. If leather isn’t your look, you can also learn more about horsehair suspenders as another Western-style option.

All Leather Trigger

Smooth, rich leather is the hallmark of this style and it’s a favorite of those who want a simple design with no extra detailing. In this case, the trigger refers to the clip design, which features a bottom loop that snaps open when the trigger is pushed. Their one-inch width makes them fashionable for all sorts of classic and contemporary outfits. You can find these in black, brown and natural colors.

Plain with Crease

For those who want a little added detailing in their Western-style leather suspenders, this plain suspender features a straight crease border design. Handcrafted of fine-quality leather, buckles and trigger clip are a gold color instead of the more common silver. You can feel comfortable in these at work or at a gathering of family and friends.

Basket Weave

Basket weaving has long been a part of Native American culture and this pattern pays tribute to this traditional weaved pattern found in many southwestern designs. This style of suspender is more on the fancy side, requiring lots of expert hand tooling, and it shows. Whether you choose black or brown leather, the basket weave pattern pops with vibrancy. And with the addition of gold hardware, these make fine special occasion suspenders.

Border Stamped

When you want a great-looking pair of leather suspenders to wear for everyday activities that features an artistic design, border stamped is a fine choice. You get the best of plain and fancy with smooth leather accentuated with a stylish stamped border on both ends. The pattern extends all the way down to the gold clip attachments. These go great with those fancy Western boots.

Rugged Comfort

Look good and feel comfortable in a pair of rugged leather work suspenders designed for those who need strong suspenders for physical labor. A popular choice for ranch hands, these combine the flexible comfort of low-stretch elastic with the sturdy support of authentic leather attachments. You can choose work suspenders in two styles.

Women's Leather Buckle Suspenders

Belt Loop

Keep your belt on and wear suspenders at the same time with this ingenious style. The buckle attachment easily loops around the belt and buckle holes allow you to adjust the fit.

Trigger Snap

This rugged style features the same clip used in the other Western styles and buckles are located near the clip for easy access.

Buckle Strap

The strong rustic look of buckle strap suspenders appeals to cowboys and city dwellers. Crafted in plain dark brown or black leather, they feature antique style hardware that makes them look like they’ve been passed down through generations. It’s easy to imagine this style of suspender being worn, back in the day, by those digging for gold, chasing outlaws or doing essential town business. In modern times, they look awesome with just about any casual shirt and a pair of new or heavily worn jeans. Whatever you decide, you can be confident choosing a pair of leather Western suspenders that work for you.

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