Women's Red Suspenders

Top Women’s Suspenders Colors to Wear in 2020

Looking for a way to freshen up a wardrobe of casual and work outfits without worrying about busting your clothing budget? Suspenders for women are a fun and budget-friendly way to spice up your outfits of wardrobe basics. Suspenders are a modern, versatile fashion accessory that many women enjoy wearing, and the range of suspender colors is awesome. For 2020, consider adding suspenders in these popular colors to your accessory collection. They can expand your choice of feminine fashion looks in new and exciting ways.


Red is bold and passionate and powerful, which is why it’s one of the most popular colors for women to wear as an accessory. Red suspenders are considered to be a wardrobe essential because there is always an occasion when you can wear them. Slip them on for winter holiday suspender styles with a white shirt and red or black pants to get a festive look. For work, choose a floral, paisley or plaid pattern featuring red and pair your suspenders with suits and business casual pieces.


If you are in the mood for a richer color in the red spectrum, go for burgundy suspenders. Burgundy is sophisticated and traditional, and it pairs well with black, white and navy classic tops or bottoms for a polished look.


Pink is a classic color that never goes out of style, and it’s a favorite of many ladies. For lovers of all shades of this color, having a pair of pink suspenders is a fashion accessory must. They come in various hues to suit your preferred shade. You can find light (soft) pink, bright pink and dark pink suspenders for women to cover every type of outfit idea. You may also want to indulge in pink prints, plaids, stripes or novelty themes such as pink flamingos.


Chic and sophisticated, black suspenders are the ultimate essential for just about everyone who wears suspenders. This is because black is an extremely versatile color that goes with a wide range of tops and bottoms. A pair of black suspenders can accessorize a dressy or casual look with ease. A classic outfit using these consists of white top, black pants and black suspenders. Wearing a hat with it can add an extra element of style or class to your look.


Choose blue suspenders when you want an alternative to black or a versatile color with a big range of fashion options. Navy is the black alternative that’s ideal for work and dressy occasions. For more casual outfits, you can choose from several hues that include royal blue, denim blue, aqua blue and teal. Some fashion statement ideas for top and bottom color pairings are navy with white or black, royal blue with white, denim blue with white, grey, green or pink, and teal with white, cream, burgundy or purple.


Gold suspenders are for those occasions when you are feeling glamourous and want your outfit to have some visual bling. You can find solid gold options in plain styles, glitter versions or patterns with black and gold stripes. Yellow suspenders offer an upbeat brightness that can’t be missed from close-up or afar. When creating outfits, remember that gold is generally sophisticated and yellow is considered fun.


The multicolored beauty of the rainbow is fully represented in a pair of rainbow suspenders. These are often worn for fun events as an expression of happiness or to showcase LGBTQ+ pride. Typical colors featured are red, yellow, green and blue. Your rainbow suspenders stand out best when worn with solid color tops and bottoms.

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