A man wearing a blue suit is standing with Bouquet of pink and red roses in hand

Unique Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Men

The first step for creating a special Valentine's Day with your lover is to decide what activities you're going to be doing. The second step for you, as a guy, is figuring out what to wear on this romantic occasion. To help you out with the latter, we're giving you some Valentine's Day outfit ideas for men that you can use to create your own stylish outfit for the big day.

Gray and Pink with a Wink

Pink is a great color choice for a day that celebrates romance and it easily complements a bouquet of red roses. So, if you're open to pink, and you plan to wear a suit, gray is a great matching color. A well-tailored medium to light gray suit pairs nicely with a pale pink button-down shirt, light gray suspenders and a navy polka dot tie. Black or brown dress shoes look best with these colors.

Red and Blue So Smooth

A navy blue suit is one of the best decisions a guy can make for the creation of cool blue outfits. This classic color is extremely versatile and a good alternative to black. An outfit that can take you from the office to dinner and a show starts with a tailored navy blue suit and a crisp white button-down shirt. Accessorize with striped, red button-on suspenders, a blue and red floral tie and a pair of cool shades.

A casual Black Bow Tie and I Love You text

Casual Bow Tie and Suspenders

You've got a great date planned but you're the kind of guy that doesn't wear suits. You still want to look snappy for your beloved. What can you wear? Here's an idea. Put together a semi-casual look with a blue denim shirt (roll up the sleeves for an edgier look), plain leather button suspenders in brown, black slacks and a black bow tie.

Vested Interest in Love

If your style leans more towards the hipster look, you can remain comfortably semi-casual while showing your partner that you're really into having a romantic day and evening. This look requires a red or burgundy colored business-casual, or dress, suit vest with a white or sand pocket square tucked inside, white button-down shirt, black and white striped tie, dark blue denim jeans and dark brown shoes. Pair this outfit with one-inch brown leather suspenders worn off the shoulders (straps falling over hips) for ultra-coolness.

A smiley guy wearing a red and gray plaid shirt with black and gray suspenders and white bow tie

Red Plaid is Rad

Let's say that you're a guy who enjoys wearing plaid shirts and you're looking for ideas for a casual outfit for Valentine's Day. Well, you'll be happy to know that classic plaid can work for you in this situation. Select a nice-looking red and gray plaid shirt that does a good job of balancing both colors. You don't want to look like a lumberjack. Over this, you are going to wear a men's button-down gray cardigan sweater, and over that you can slip on black and gray suspenders for extra pizzazz. Attach the suspenders to a comfortable pair of relaxed fit charcoal or dark gray jeans. You are now ready for whatever good things come your way from a fun and romantic day or night spent with your significant other.

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