A Dog wearing a Diaper which is attached to the suspenders

Buy Your Pooch A Matching Pair of Doggie Suspenders for Diapers

Some dog owners are just discovering that there is such a thing as doggie suspenders and they are not only trendy, but a practical solution for dogs wearing diapers. If you're a dog owner and never heard of dogs wearing diapers or suspenders, these are mainly for dogs with incontinence or puppies who are not yet housebroken. As a company steeped in the traditions of wearing suspenders, SuspenderStore approves of this ingenious solution for keeping diapers secured so dogs of all kinds can run and play worry-free.

Doggie Diapers Give Dogs Freedom

Incontinence is a condition that no dog owner wishes on their beloved pet because the result is that a dog can lose their independence rather quickly. While it's not the dog's fault that they cannot control their bladder inside the home, owners must also protect floors, furnishings and rugs from urine damage. Before dog diapers came along, the only solution was to isolate the poor pooch to limit their access to most of the house. Doggie diapers allow incontinent dogs to, once again, roam freely without the need for strict confinement, which helps dogs feel like they are part of the family.

A cute Black and white Dog with the suspenders

The Reason for Doggie Suspenders

Now that you know why doggie diapers are worn, it's easy to understand how they've become a popular solution for canine incontinence. However, you may be wondering why it's necessary to add suspenders. The main reasoning behind the decision is to provide a solid means for keeping the diapers firmly in place. By nature, dogs do not want to wear diapers and the adjustment period may take days or weeks. Some dogs use their talents for escape to free themselves of a diaper. And even when dogs fully accept a diaper, the diaper can get loose on its own and get out of position, rendering it useless.

Suspenders help secure the diaper by attaching both ends of the suspenders to the diapers using suspender clips. Most dog suspenders are X-back style, and they crisscross along the back of the dog's body, and then they slip around the dog's shoulders.

Choosing the Best Doggie Suspenders

Just like suspenders made for humans, comfort is of the utmost importance when selecting suspenders for your dog. Style options range from plain to fancy, and your dog is relying on you to choose ones that offer the most comfortable fit. Be sure to choose the correct size for your dog's physical build and weight. Suspender lengths are measured with the suspenders fully extended, from tip of clip to tip of clip along one of the two suspender straps, so the suspenders can be shortened but not lengthened. To get the proper fit, you should measure from the top of the doggie diaper on the back, diagonal over your dog's should to the top of the diaper on the belly. Then round up to the nearest suspender length. Most small to medium dogs will wear a kids sized suspender (i.e. 25, 30 or 36-inch). Well-made dog suspenders use quality materials and are sturdily constructed.

A Dog wearing a Diaper

Matching Suspenders with Diapers

You can easily find suspenders in a range of contemporary colors to match or complement the color of dog diapers you select. Colors you may want to consider include black, blue, red, purple and pink. For easier matching, you can find reusable dog diaper sets with matching suspenders already attached. For the best diaper fit, you can use a tape measure to get your dog's waist measurements and use this information when shopping for small, medium or large dogs.

Dog Suspenders for Humans

While you're shopping for doggie diapers and suspenders, you can check out the array of dog suspenders available for people who love dogs. These suspenders feature dogs of small stature and dogs of big stature, which are fun to wear while out on walks or during those times you and your best friend visit the dog park.

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