What are some Good Fashion Alternatives for a Men’s Belt?

Are you interested in getting away from the need to wear a belt to hold up your pants? We get it. Our solution for this age-old issue is to recommend wearing suspenders. The neat thing about suspenders is that you can keep your pants up all day while looking fashionable and sharp. Plus, there’s none of that uncomfortable squeezing around your stomach that you may run into when wearing a belt. Additionally, suspenders come in a range of sizes that fit your body, and they’re adjustable too. But for the moment, you’re interested in their fashion potential, so we’ll focus on that.

Men's Suspenders

Business and Dress Suspenders

Dress suspenders are one of the most popular styles for men, and the reason is that they are the classic and classy belt alternative. You’ve probably seen some business professionals wearing suspenders with a button-down shirt and suit. This is the classic business professional look for dress suspenders, and solid colors such as black, grey, brown and burgundy look spiffy under a suit jacket. Power players may also have a pair of red suspenders for those important meeting days.

For fashion variety, you can alternate solid color suspenders with classic patterns such as vertical or diagonal stripes, jacquard, argyle or understated paisley. Dress suspenders should always be impeccably coordinated with dress shirt color and style. These same business suspenders can be worn with suits and dress separates outside of work. For example, satin, silk and grosgrain suspenders are commonly worn by grooms and groomsmen at weddings.

Skinny Suspenders

Any suspender style that has a 1-inch width is classified as skinny suspenders. This youthful style has caught on with many who consider themselves to be hipsters, but anyone can look good in them. Just like with wider styles, these come in a range of solid color choices (pastel to neon), materials and patterns. This allows you to experiment with different looks for work and play. An easy cool look is achieved by pairing skinny suspenders with your favorite T-shirts and jeans.

Patterned Suspenders

Do you love patterns? Good, because you can find plenty of pattern variety when you wear suspenders. Striped suspenders are always a winner, and you can find this style in various color and stripe combinations. Dark and light colors go nicely with both dark and light-colored shirts, either to match or to contrast. You can also add some dark color combinations such as navy and burgundy to your collection for a different style choice.

Branch out to other snazzy patterned suspenders for even more variety. Classics to love include polka dots, plaids, argyle, geometric and checkered varieties.

Glitter Suspenders

Do you want to feel like a shining star? Include glitter suspenders in your accessories wardrobe. These are sturdily constructed and come in dazzling colors such as gold, red, purple, black and copper. These are great for those fun nights on the town with friends, holiday costumes or for looking amazing at parties.

Leather Suspenders

Suspenders also come in rich, beautiful leather and styles range from smooth leather to braided leather. This kind of suspender can accessorize any laid-back look you’re putting together. Pull on leather suspenders to add a rustic or Old West touch.

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