Can I Wear Suspenders with a Turtleneck?

The classic turtleneck sweater is a fashion staple for the fall and winter seasons. They are a cozy go-to alternative to a button-down shirt or a heavier pullover sweater. Anyone who wears a turtleneck shirt or sweater appreciates its versatility. And because the turtleneck makes a nice blank canvas for styling purposes, there are a variety of ways you can accessorize this look with suspenders. So, go ahead and try out some of the following suspender fashion ideas for turtlenecks.

Black Turtleneck

Black is one of those turtleneck colors that can make anyone look chic and cool. It’s a dramatic color and the simple addition of suspenders can take this cool theme to a whole new level. For sophistication, you can pair black suspenders with a black turtleneck for instant monochromatic appeal. Wear black pants if you want head-to-toe synchronization, or add a pop of color with a red, grey or white pants. Alternatively, you can choose bottoms such as indigo blue jeans, grey or white slacks for color variety.

Finish the look with black sunglasses or a black fedora hat. Or you can switch things up by paring a black turtleneck with burgundy suspenders, grey pants and black shoes.

Chunky Collar Turtleneck

Some turtleneck sweaters have large, chunky or cowlneck tops that typically fold down. These are usually found on thicker sweater styles, and they look awesome with wide-width suspenders. Grab those 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch suspenders and pair them with your favorite big neck sweaters and jeans.

White Turtleneck

Because of its brightness, a white turtleneck stands out and gets noticed very easily. This top is a casual chic alternative to a white dress shirt and its best to stick with solid colors. For instance, you can’t go wrong with black suspenders and a white turtleneck. It’s a simple, flattering look that offers a tasteful dark vs. light contrast. Black slacks or jeans or indigo jeans are great bottom choices. If you like wearing jewelry, keep it simple by accessorizing with a gold, white gold or silver necklace or chain.

Solid Colors with Striped Turtleneck

Now that you know that you can rock suspenders with a turtleneck, we can explore interesting combinations. One sure-fire combination is solid color suspenders with a striped turtleneck. This is a fun look that you can wear on casual days to spice things up. It’s fairly easy to find a black and white horizontally striped turtleneck. These versatile colors can be worn with solid suspenders in black, white, red, blue or a pastel such as mint green. Striped turtlenecks also come in red and black stripe and multicolored stripe. Because of their bold colors, you may want to stick with black, red, blue or leather suspenders.

Striped Suspenders with Turtleneck

Let’s reverse the stripe theme by wearing stripe pattern suspenders with a solid color turtleneck. This is another easy look to create thanks to a wide variety of suspenders with stripes. Let’s go with our black turtleneck example. You can jazz things up by adding a pair of black and white striped suspenders and grey pants. How about grey or black pants with a red turtleneck and snazzy navy and red stripe suspenders?

Do you own grey or tan turtlenecks? Consider wearing classic pinstripe suspenders with those colors. All said and done, there are plenty of other great-looking combinations to dream up. Have fun!

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