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What Color Suspenders Pair with Popular Suit Colors?

Just because a pair of suspenders looks stylish doesn’t mean it’s meant to be paired with anything in your closet. To make sure you look sharp, sleek and chic, you’ll want to carefully consider the colors when choosing which suspenders to wear with which suit. It doesn’t all have to match perfectly, but certain colors will complement your outfit for a more fashionable look. Learn more about which suspenders are best to pair with the following popular suit colors.

Suspender's with Suits - Suspender Store


A black suit is perhaps the classic and formal of all the popular suit colors. This is a suit that can be worn at work as well as at dressy events like weddings and parties. Because it’s the most classic option, you’ll want to be conservative when choosing which suspenders to pair with your black suit. Black is the most obvious suspender color choice because it creates a minimalist and streamlined look. However, you can also incorporate a subtle pattern or a complementary tone such as maroon, gray or white. Avoid brown and navy suspenders, as these tones tend to clash with black.


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Navy allows for the most versatility when it comes to suspender colors. The only color you’ll want to avoid is black. Other than that, your choice should be based on the formality of the occasion. For a more casual wedding, for example, you can wear a pair of brightly colored or patterned suspenders to act as a fun contrast to the neutral navy tone. If you’ll be in a more formal or professional environment, keep it classy with a paisley suspenders or complementary neutral tones like brown, gray or tan.


Gray is a great color that comes in a wide variety of tones. If you’re wearing a light gray suit, black or navy suspenders add a stunning contrast while still looking professional. For a dark gray suit, consider maroon suspenders or something in a classic pattern, such as houndstooth suspenders.

Mix and match your suits and suspenders with this guide to create stunning, stylish looks wherever you go.

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