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What Size Suspenders Do I Need? – Suspender Size Guide

If you’re not sure which suspender size is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. At SuspenderStore, we know that getting the correct size for your suspenders is key to getting a sleek, fashionable fit. There are many factors which go into picking out your suspender size, but we’ve made the process simple with this helpful sizing guide. Learn more about how suspender sizes work and figure out which one is right for you.

Choose a Suspender Length

When you see the length listed for suspenders, it’s important to understand that this measurement refers to the length of the suspenders from tip to tip when fully extended. Suspenders can only be shortened from this length using the adjusters on the straps. The more you have to shorten the suspenders, the higher these adjusters will be on your chest once properly fitted.

To find out which size you need for your suspenders, take a cloth tape measure and run it from the center of the pants in back. Then run it over your shoulder to the top of the pants in front where the suspenders will attach. Take that number and order the next size up to get the right fit. If you plan to purchase X-back suspenders, the measurement should be taken from where the suspenders will attach in back then run the tape measure up and over the opposite shoulder to where they’ll attach in front.

Consider Different Builds

Our size chart at SuspenderStore recommends suspender length according to height. However, some people fall out of the recommended range based on their unique build. For example, we offer big and tall suspenders for those who need longer straps. Someone who has a short torso may require a shorter length. You should also consider whether the pants will be worn particularly high or low with the suspenders. If you end up with the wrong size, simply take advantage of SuspenderStore’s easy return and exchange policy to get the perfect fit.

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