What Suspenders Should You Wear to an Interview?

Figuring out what to wear to a job interview can cause you to take a hard look at the clothing and accessories you own. Basically, you should choose an outfit that you feel most comfortable in, while looking your best. If you prefer wearing suspenders under a business suit, it’s okay to wear them, but first, consider these timely tips before selecting which suspenders to wear.

Button Suspenders or Clip Suspenders?

The two most popular suspender styles are button suspenders (a.k.a. braces) and clip suspenders. Button suspenders have leather attachments that are secured to pants buttons. Alternatively, clip suspenders have metal clips that open and close over the top of pants. Does it make a difference which style you choose? Absolutely. In this case, always go with button suspenders, because these are considered more appropriate for business settings. Once you get the job, you may be able to alternate between these two styles.

Three Types of Button Suspenders

The three main types of button suspenders are: leather end, runner end and industrial end. Leather end styles have an oval bottom consisting of rounded sides and thick round-shaped ends. Leather ends have a bold look, which stands out when worn without a jacket. Runner end styles have two slender leather straps with open slats on the ends, and they’re typically a formal choice. Industrial end styles have thick leather ends, and they’re mainly chosen for their ruggedness. The style you choose for your interview depends on the type of job and workplace atmosphere. If you’re not sure, go with the style that best suits your personality.

Does Suspender Width Matter?

Suspenders come in various widths and you may be wondering if there’s a width rule when it comes to interview attire. Well, there isn’t, so you’re free to pick your style when it comes to how wide to go. Two popular widths are 1-inch and 1.5 inches. Narrow, 1-inch styles are quite trendy, so you may want to choose this width if you feel you’re a trendy person. Or, you can choose the standard 1.5 inches as a safe default width. Both look snazzy with suits, so go with your preference.

Solid Colors

Suspenders come in a wide variety of solid colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches a dark suit and dress shirt. Interview attire tends to lean towards a more conservative look, so it’s best to stick with basic neutrals. Suitable solid colors are black, blue, navy and dark or light gray, which matches corresponding dark color suits. You can also choose white suspenders, if you’re wearing a white shirt. Remember, crisp, clean and classy wins the day.

Stripes and Other Patterns

Let’s say you’re someone who prefers suspenders with patterns, can you get away with wearing your favorite patterned pair? It depends on the pattern. While patterns do help you express your personality, in this instance, you should stick with patterns that are more conservative — just in case you do end up taking your jacket off for some reason.

An appropriate pattern to choose for a job interview is jacquard, a sophisticated pattern that is classy and subdued. While stripes are popular, they may come across a certain way to the interviewer, and you don’t want your suspenders to create a false impression. Also, avoid novelty prints that make you look immature.

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