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Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2020/2021

As the weather turns colder and the days grow longer, it’s time to start gathering items for a winter wardrobe that reflects your unique personality and style. We’ve looked into the latest cold-weather fashion trends for 2020 and 2021, and we’ve put together this brief fashion guide to help you choose the best clothing for winter.

Essential Wardrobe Pieces for Men and Women in Winter 2020/2021

Statement-Making Outerwear

Whether you’re dreaming of handsome or cute winter outfits, let’s begin by focusing an eye on the outerwear that keeps the winter chill at bay. If you want to add a new coat to your outerwear collection, this is a good time to find one or two great looking coats and new boots.

  • Fashionable Puffer Jacket. Puffer jackets remain one of the most popular items for winter, probably because they keep you warm and toasty. Because it’s a given that they keep you warm, choose your puffer jacket based on how fashionable it looks on you. Expect to see bright colors, prints and enhancements such as cinched waist or contrasting color pockets and zipper.
  • Colorful Topcoat. Topcoats are also more than just the typical black or tan colors this year. You can show more personality with topcoats in brighter colors such as green or pink, and some may have additional decorative touches.
suspenders outfit with colorful topcoat and hat
  • Men’s Fleece Jacket. Fleece jackets are a hot item in winter fashion for men and make a great layering piece to wear with sweaters and shirts with complementing suspenders. Look for solid colors with printed accents, bold prints such as multicolored stripes, color block patterns and sporty styles.
  • Women’s Maxi Coat. The maxi coat is back, and it’s a great coat length to wear with your modern and retro ‘70s outfits. Keep an eye out for quilted pattern styles.
  • Men’s Designer Style Boots. Winter boots for guys are all about borrowing inspiration from designer sneakers. Have fun by wearing rugged boots with animal print, geometric designs, two-color or multicolor combinations. Oh, and there is now such a thing as sneaker boots.
  • Women’s Slouch Boots. Grab a pair of slouch boots in a cream color of your choice and wear them with black, brown, tan, cream and white pieces from your winter essentials wardrobe.

Cool and Sophisticated Black Leather

Has there ever been a cooler look than black leather? We can’t think of one. Consider the following for this winter and beyond.

  • Black Leather Suspenders. When you own black leather suspenders, you are able to create an endless number of versatile fashion looks. There are plain, herringbone and western styles to consider, and all are worth exploring.
  • The Leather Blazer. Imagine walking into a room wearing a sleek black leather blazer. Yes, all eyes are going to be on you. Pair it with black leather bottoms and boots for head-to-toe sophisticated cool.
  • Leather Pants or Jeans. These are optional, but both styles can be worn with the above blazer for business casual or casual looks.
women's suspenders outfit with bow tie

Eye-Catching Classics

Some winter fashion pieces for men and women are timeless.

  • Men’s Classic Crewneck Sweater. You can never have too many of this sweater style. Up your sweater game by choosing it in several colors.
  • Women’s Check Tweed Pants. Classic tweed in a check pattern gives you more outfit options and they’re nice and warm. Wear with turtlenecks.
  • Solid Color Pin Clip Suspenders. These pin clip suspenders make versatile winter style for women and men easy to achieve. Stock up on classic winter colors such as grey, burgundy, green, red and brown.
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