Groomsmen Guide to Suspenders with a Vest

Being selected as a groomsman for a wedding is truly an honor, and it often becomes a memorable experience. At some point during the wedding planning stage, the groom may discuss wedding apparel with his groomsmen. Some grooms (and groomsmen) want to know how to wear suspenders with a vest to create a snappy look for the wedding party. We've got answers to guide you as you decide the style for your groomsmen.

Is it Okay to Wear Suspenders with a Vest?

First, let's discuss the myth that men should never wear suspenders with a vest because of it supposedly being a fashion faux pax. In our view, this myth should be put to rest once and for all. The reason why is that contemporary men wearing suspenders in various ways have already shown that this is a look that can easily be pulled off by men of every style, body type and fashion sense. So, if you are a groom who decides this is the look for your groomsmen, by all means, feel free to make it happen.

Skip the Jacket

Now that we've established that vests and suspenders are a great match, we must caution about wearing jackets with this look. In order to make the suspenders a main focus of the groomsman's outfit, it's best to leave dress jackets out of the it.

Throwback Vintage Look

The retro look remains popular among couples getting married in scenic rustic settings. By retro, we mean an outfit consisting of white or blue shirts, a vest and vintage-style suspenders. Sometimes a bow tie and newsboy cap are added for that authentic 1920s to 1930s look.

Semi-Formal Look

A semi-formal look certainly helps the wedding party achieve sophistication, without looking too formal. For this presentation, the groom is decked out in his full suit, that may or may not include a vest. He is surrounded by his groomsmen who wear matching vests with long-sleeved, button-down dress shirts and matching suspenders. For a unique touch, consider choosing striped suspenders or leather suspenders.

Laidback Casual Look

Couples who prefer laidback attire for the wedding party can still make vests a focal point for groomsmen. Here's how to pull it off. Instead of matching vests, you can have each groomsman wear a vest made of similar fabric in color hues that complement each other, but the colors do not have to be exact matches. Consider choosing skinny suspenders in complementary colors to maintain casual cohesiveness. Underneath the vest, the guys can wear solid color or plaid shirts (approved by the bride and groom) of their choice with matching solid color neckties. Pants should be jeans in an agreed upon color choice.

Getting the Proper Fit

One thing that is most critical to ensuring each guy in the groom's wedding party looks and feels his best is suspender fit. While suspenders are generally adjustable, it's best not assume that all guys can wear the same size suspenders. Doing so could lead to last minute changes on the big day. Avoid sizing problems by having each groomsman take his measurements, according to these guidelines. Only then can you be assured that each man is wearing wedding suspenders that fit well and look great in wedding photos.

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