5 Types of Dress and Casual Leather Work Suspenders

Leather suspenders are an alternative option to popular styles made from fabric, and they’ve been around since suspenders were invented. They’re also a sturdy and reliable alternative to wearing leather belts. And suspenders made from fine quality leather have the advantage of being a versatile fashion accessory for classic, modern and vintage style outfits. It’s common to think there’s only one style choice in leather, but there are five distinctive styles and you can enjoy wearing any one of these winners with dress attire and casual clothing.

Best Leather Styles to Wear with a Suit

When you’re trying to decide what style of suspenders to wear with your snazzy black, grey, blue, brown or tan suit, you can switch things up by choosing a classy pair of leather braces or clip-on leather suspenders. It’s an accessory choice that makes perfect sense because you wouldn’t hesitate to wear a leather belt if desired. Another neat thing is their simple but stately color options in attractive black, brown and tan that complement your suit color. The main difference you may notice is that leather is a heavier weight material than fabric, but they are still quite comfortable and totally adjustable for fit.

Best leather suspender choices for suits are the All Leather suspenders with button ends or trigger snap ends, herringbone braided style suspenders and smooth-looking suspenders made of suede.

Casual Dress Suspenders

The great thing about wearing leather suspenders is that all styles complement most types of casual clothing. By casual, we mean T-shirts, relaxed-look button-down shirts, plaid and striped shirts, polo shirts, jeans, khaki pants and slacks. This means you can really mix things up by opting for a skinny pair of buckle strap suspenders one day and braided or western styles on other days. Black suspenders offer the most outfit matching versatility followed by dark brown and tan. Please note that you can wear regular leather suspenders to work but they are not designed for jobs that require heavy-duty work suspenders. Think business casual and clothes you normally wear on your days off.

Classic Braided and Herringbone

While browsing different types of leather suspenders, you may notice there are two styles that look very similar: braided and herringbone. Admittedly, both styles feature intricate braiding of leather pieces into a cohesive pattern that stands out against any solid color shirt. Yet there are subtle differences within those patterns. Regular braided styles weave pieces of leather together following traditional in-and-out braid patterns used for centuries. Herringbone styles, on the other hand, feature a distinctive V-shape weave pattern that adheres to pattern design principles found in traditional herringbone fabric.

Police Suspenders

If you happen to work in law enforcement or you’re simply looking for a high-quality pair of all-leather black suspenders, consider our police suspenders. These well-crafted leather suspenders have a slight stretch for added comfort, and you can choose your favorite style of attachment from three different choices.

Rugged, Rustic Western Styles

You don’t have to know how to ride a horse to appreciate our selection of beautifully-crafted western-style suspenders. Designs range from plain to fancy and they’re a timeless fashion choice for country, rustic and western style outfits: button-on, alligator clips or trigger snaps.

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