These Button and Clip-on Ends Hold Up Suspenders

One of the things you’ll notice once you begin looking for a good pair of suspenders for your wardrobe is the different suspender attachment choices available. These are found at the bottom of every pair of suspenders and they all perform the same function – holding up your suspenders so that they stay put until you take them off. This is no small thing because attachments must be strong enough to stay on, and they must also look good with your entire outfit. At SuspenderStore, you can find classic button attachments and various types of clip-on attachments as well. Your choices are probably going to be based on what appeals to you the most and of course practicality comes into play too.

Button Attachments

Back in the day, it was common for suspenders to have leather ends that included well-tooled slits just big enough to slip the average-sized button through. As they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and this classic button-end design continues to be a popular choice for those who love its sophisticated good looks. Button attachments have a polished professional look when paired with suits, and they can give a casual look a nice touch of vintage authenticity. Once attached to buttons, they’re pretty solid when it comes to giving you a high level of strap security.

Finger Clips

For those who prefer clip-on suspenders, finger clip attachments are among the most popular attachment styles. Old and young can easily open the clip mechanism, placing the clip over the top edge of the waist section of bottoms. Simply snap the clips closed and you’re ready to go about your day. When necessary, they’re easy to remove in a jiffy, making them a no-fuss style you can depend on time and time again.

Pin Clips

It’s great to have choices and with pin clips, you get to choose attachments that have a stronger grip than regular clips. Pin clips can be stocky or somewhat thin, and the difference is mostly cosmetic. Large and stocky styles can be worn with casual pants such as jeans, while slender ones work well with dress outfits. These are worth it when you want powerful attachments that can withstand your active lifestyle.

Drop Clips

Drop clip suspenders may make you think that the clip mechanism requires you to drop it down in order to work properly. However, that’s thankfully not what it means. A drop clip refers to a style of suspender clip that drops lower from the actual suspender strap thanks to being attached to a piece of leather. Basically, that piece of leather drops the clip further down and the classy-looking leather end becomes a noticeable part of your outfit. These clips are typically attached to dressier suspender styles such as silk and elegant patterns.

Construction Clips

Construction workers who enjoy wearing suspenders, and anyone who performs similar physically demanding job tasks, require extra-strong clips that hold up heavy-duty suspenders. Construction clips are uniquely designed to hold up suspenders under the most challenging working conditions. Also known as alligator clips, the clips feature top and bottom “teeth” that remind you of a creature with a fierce bite. For best results, attach the clips to pants and not on belt loops.

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