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Casual to Business-Casual: 5 Ways Women Can Style Jeans

Jeans are one of your fashion essentials that you typically wear with a casual top, and that’s fine for most day-to-day activities. However, you can get a lot more fashion options out of a single pair of jeans when you consider adding certain pieces that gives them a whole new chic look. Continue reading for some tips on how to dress up jeans and make them more versatile.

How to Choose Jeans for Work

If your work environment allows business-casual looks, you can wear your jeans to work. However, there are some rules to follow so that you maintain a professional appearance while enjoying relaxed comfort. When you want to dress up casual jeans for work, it’s important to select jeans in good condition. Stay away from jeans that are dirty, too worn, faded, ill-fitting or ripped. With that in mind, yes, you can dress up skinny jeans, as long as they are well-fitted and comfortable to move around in.

Essential 1: The Blazer

One of the best items you can have in your wardrobe is a one-button blazer. The blazer is an instant way to add a dressy look to jeans, and you can choose a tailored blazer or a relaxed one. One blazer can give you a good amount of versatility, but you can expand your outfit options when you go with three classic blazers. Color recommendations are black, gray and navy. These colors work well with most colors of jeans and tops in black, white, blue, beige and tan. Two additional blazer colors that go great with jeans are tan and red.

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Essential 2: The Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts for women come in a number of different styles, and some have patterns that are exceptional to wear at the office. Keeping the top button open on the shirt makes it more relaxed for business-casual days.

Essential 3: The Blouse or Knit Top

Alternate button-down shirts with a selection of nice blouses and tops in solid colors and prints. A white blouse with frills at the color and cuffs is ultra-feminine, and you can find floral prints in a number of flattering colors. Knit tops in solid colors or stripes offers another way to change up your dressy jeans look.

Essential 4: Shoes and Boots

When it comes to selecting shoe styles to wear with work jeans, go with dressy flats or pump heels in good condition. You can choose traditional colors of black, navy, gray and tan. But you can also wear red, purple, pink, gold, silver and blue for a pop of exciting color. As for boots, stick with black, brown or tan short boots in styles that help you maintain a professional look.

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