Are Suspenders Out of Style in 2020? Nope!

Are suspenders back in style? That’s a question commonly heard from those who have yet to discover the joys of wearing suspenders. Let’s just say that not only are suspenders in style in 2020, they are one of the most versatile accessories to have in any wardrobe. Guys and gals of all ages and sizes can find numerous styles of button-on suspenders and suspenders with clip attachments to wear with tried-and-true and trendy outfits.

Dress Suspenders

The concept of dress suspenders as a fashion accessory was popularized by men wearing business suits to work. Dress suspenders add another layer of style and dimension to the suit ensemble, and they look great when a suit jacket is removed to expose the full suspenders from the front to the back. Red became known as the most desired power color for men and women on the move, and red suspenders are still a strong color for aspiring and successful businesspeople.

However, there are a wide range of dress suspender styles, including patterns, textures and colors, and everyone who wants to wear this classy accessory with a suit or business casual pieces, can do so in numerous ways. The dress suspender also makes appearances at formal occasions such as weddings and events requiring guests to wear dress clothing.


As suspenders evolved into fashion accessories, so did their width. Today’s young generation love wearing skinny suspenders. These suspenders are usually 1/2-inch to one-inch wide, giving them a sleeker appearance. The neat thing about these suspenders is that they come in a wide variety of contemporary colors to go with just about any type of dressy or casual outfit.


Every collection of fashionable suspenders should have a few patterns in the mix to expand the range of outfit possibilities. It’s easy to find a favorite pattern when you have so many good options. Some popular patterns for suspenders include stripes, polka dots, plaid, geometric and paisley. These and other patterns bring sophistication and elevated style to tops and bottoms. Many of these patterns pair nicely with black, white, brown, grey, blue and tan outfit pieces.


Create the ultimate in rustic coolness with leather suspenders made from fine-quality leather. These suspenders feature expert hand tooling for Western authenticity. Some styles are plain, while others feature decorative accents that give them more uniqueness. Many leather suspenders feature trigger snap closures for sturdiness and fashion appeal. Some styles feature a traditional button-on closure or a belt loop closure. These look great with jeans, T-shirts and casual shirts and jackets.


If you want to have a bit of fun with your suspenders look, check out our collection of novelty suspenders. There are plenty of themes to choose from, including holiday, romance, retro, patriotic, music, sports and outdoors. Shopping for novelty suspenders is a lot of fun because you can find patterns that cater to specific hobbies and interests. Whole categories are devoted to animals, bikers, licensed characters and bright neon colors.

Now that you know more about wearing fashion suspenders, you can take the above ideas and create all kinds of unique contemporary outfits.

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