Holiday Gift Guide: Top Suspenders for Kids

Holidays are the time of year when many kids make sure the adults in their life know what toys they want Santa to bring them. Older kids who have long outgrown the fantasy of Santa may hint that they’d like a new gaming system or the latest trendy fashion accessories. If only there was a way you can please kids from every age group with a gift that they can enjoy throughout the entire year.

Hey, there is such a gift: suspenders for kids! Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for youth suspenders to help you get inspired.

kids suspenders and bow tie for christmas

Toddler Suspenders and Bow Tie

Who said suspenders were just for big kids? There is something so precious about seeing little tykes wearing their own set of suspenders that we just had to include this popular look on our list. It’s become quite commonplace to see little boys or girls decked out in suspenders, especially at weddings and other special events. If you want to create a formal or semi-formal dressy look for a toddler in your life, we recommend giving them a set of toddler suspenders with a kids’ bow tie in a matching or complementary color.

Contemporary Y-Back Colors

The Y-back suspender design is a popular one for special occasions, and you can find this style in the popular Fresh Hues collection. The color choices in this collection are contemporary and varied enough to be able to match your desired suspender color with your child’s collection of shirts and bottoms. Some of the colors featured are champagne, coral, lavender, taupe and teal. They are all clip suspenders, meaning they have metal attachments that are easy to put on and take off.

Skinny Suspenders (Regular)

Today’s youth are often the driver for innovations in clothing accessories, and suspenders are no exception. Many young people love wearing skinny suspenders (with 1/2-inch width) and this style does look great on young kids, pre-teens and teens. Black is always a go-to color in this width because it’s so versatile. However, if you are choosing to give them more than one pair, consider adding one or more other colors such as pink, purple or navy. Skinny suspenders can be worn by girls and boys, and they can be paired with stylish tops or traditional button-down shirts.

Skinny Suspenders (Neon)

Kids usually enjoy wearing bright colors, and if you have a child like this on your gift list, you can make them happy by choosing any of our brightly colored neon skinny suspenders. These have the same sleek design as our regular skinny suspenders with amped up color appeal. In addition to neon red and yellow, you can find neon blue, orange, green, pink and purple. Again, we recommend choosing a few colors to give them more options for creating cool outfits with suspenders.

Denim Suspenders

Kids of any age can create outfits that are laidback and stylishly cool with denim suspenders for kids. These are made with the same type of quality construction and fabric as our denim suspenders for adults. You can choose a regular shade of denim, a dark shade or both to coordinate with light and dark regular jeans, jean shorts or jean skirts.

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