Cute Outfit Ideas for Babies with Suspenders

When it comes to baby outfits, there is hardly anything cuter than seeing babies and toddlers wearing pint-sized versions of suspenders with various outfits. If you’re interested in adding suspenders to your baby’s wardrobe, here are some great ideas for creating a baby suspenders outfit for your child.

Baby Boy Outfit Ideas

Baby boys are as cute as can be in suspenders, especially on picture taking days and special occasions such as weddings. Here, we give you several classic baby boy suspenders outfits that are suitable for all sorts of photogenic occasions.

Suspenders with Tie

Going to a wedding event and bringing along your little guy?

This is the perfect opportunity to create a memorable baby boy suspenders and tie outfit. A favorite outfit for many weddings is the newsboy look. Choose a pair of slacks or shorts that coordinate with the groomsmen or select comfortable jeans. Typically, suspenders are in a solid color such as black, grey or brown and the look is finished with a bow tie. Alternatively, you can create contemporary looks by pairing beige or khaki pants or dark jeans with pastel-colored shirt, novelty suspenders and bow tie.

Suspenders with Hat

Take the above outfit suggestions for suspenders with a tie to another level of style by adding a newsboy style cap or kid-size fedora. Expect to hear lots of oohs and ahhs over this baby boy outfit with suspenders and hat.

Rustic Boy

Go the rustic route on days when you want your boy to look casually cute without a lot of fuss. All you need for this look is a pair of jeans (or jean shorts) in any color, a casual shirt and any suspenders that suit your child’s personality. Suitable footwear is sneakers or boots.

Ready for Anything Boy

This little guy is dressed for any occasion and you can pull together his look by pairing dress slacks or shorts in any color or khakis, a button-down shirt (white, blue, mint, navy, pink, yellow, etc.) and suspenders. Solid color suspenders provide numerous classic looks and prints can bring colorful personality to his outfit. You can add a bow tie if desired. On his feet are dress shoes or sneakers in “like new” condition.

Baby Girl Outfit Ideas

Suspenders are for everyone, and that means you can feel free to create a baby girl suspenders outfit as an alternative to her other fashionable looks.

Laidback Jeans Look 1

Casual days just got better with the addition of suspenders to a classic jeans outfit. For the easiest look ever, pair jeans or jean shorts with a white top and solid color suspenders in red or blue. Sandals or sneakers keep her comfortable during playtime or walks.

Laidback Jeans Look 2

Create a fashionista version of the jeans look by outfitting her in a cute pair of jean shorts and a solid black or white top. Choose a solid color of suspenders (pink, purple or mint green) or maybe novelty hearts or checkered pattern suspenders. Slip-on shoes (loafers, flats, etc.) or fashion sneakers are a must for this look. Cool sunglasses are optional depending on the weather and what your kid likes to wear.

Booming Bloomers

This is the age when kids look adorable in bloomers, and your little girl can make a fashion statement by pairing any color of bloomers with suspenders. Coordinate colors of suspenders and bloomers for the most visual appeal.

Suspenders with Skirt

If you enjoy outfitting your little girl in skirts and a cute top, go one better by adding suspenders. Have fun mixing and matching various suspender styles with skirt styles.

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