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Five Helpful Ideas for Heavy-Duty Work Suspenders

Aside from their unmistakable fashion appeal, suspenders also serve a useful purpose for those seeking a reliable way to hold up pants during work projects. In our view, suspenders offer superior comfort and support for many types of work activities. Keep in mind, though, that the best suspenders for work may not be the ones […]

Suspenders Outfit: What Looks Good with Suspenders?

Every now and then, the question comes up about what kind of clothing pieces look good with suspenders for women or men. This kind of question has many possible answers. However, we decided to focus on the basic clothing pieces that everyone who enjoys wearing suspenders can use to create any style of suspenders outfit […]

Top Fall Suspenders Style Trends – Fall 2020 Fashion

The current 2020 fall fashion trends are here, and they offer those who are looking for new ways to wear suspenders some great ideas. At SuspenderStore, we keep a lookout for what’s trending and pass that info along to anyone who loves creating unique looks with suspenders. While a few trends are enjoying ongoing popularity, […]

Wearing Suspenders: How Do Suspender Clips Work?

Suspenders with attached clips are popular with most people who enjoy wearing suspenders. Various clip styles allow you to easily attach suspenders to any type of bottom (i.e. pants, shorts and skirts). Beyond that, there are some basics you should know regarding their function and how to properly wear them. How Do They Work? How […]

Top Western Leather Suspender Styles for Guys & Gals

Men and women who want to liven up an easygoing casual look can wear Western leather suspenders for fun and for work. This iconic men’s leather suspenders style has been embraced by all who enjoy spending days in comfortable, rustic or rugged clothing and accessories that are timeless. The best Western suspenders are handmade and […]

Top Women’s Suspenders Colors to Wear in 2020

Looking for a way to freshen up a wardrobe of casual and work outfits without worrying about busting your clothing budget? Suspenders for women are a fun and budget-friendly way to spice up your outfits of wardrobe basics. Suspenders are a modern, versatile fashion accessory that many women enjoy wearing, and the range of suspender […]

Celebrities Who Rock Fashion Suspenders in 2020

Let’s face it, celebrities are trendsetters. That's one of the reasons we are often glued to our TVs during a big awards show. We know our favorite celebs are going to express themselves through fashion and inquiring minds want to know what they are wearing as they stroll the red carpet. Suspenders have re-emerged as the […]