Should I Wear Suspenders with my Ski Pants?

As you prepare to hit the slopes for another fun-filled day (or vacation) of skiing, you’ve decided to consider wearing suspenders with ski pants. But is that really a thing?

Yes, it is!

Skiers of all ages have discovered that suspenders can actually make your time on the slopes much more enjoyable. There are many reasons for this and we’re going to cover them all.

Comfortable Alternative to Bib Styles

Bib style ski pants are kind of an all-in-one option that combines the waterproofing you need with built-in suspenders for fit. They seem like a good idea until you realize how warm they can feel against your chest. The “bib” section traps heat in the upper body, causing some people to feel overheated and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, you can’t remove the bib, so you’re stuck. Suspenders offer a better solution, since they have lot of open space in the chest and back areas.

Prevents Snow Getting into Pants

When cold snow gets inside your pants, causing a cold, wet chill to run down your legs, it can ruin your time on the slopes. There’s no drying station where you can heat blast those pants dry. So when it happens, you end up being forced to quit. This is where suspenders can do you a world of good. You can switch from a belt to sturdy or heavy-duty suspenders with strong clips that help keep your ski pants at waist level, avoiding slippage that can let snow seep in. If you still want to wear a belt, consider belt loop belt clip suspenders that securely attach to a belt. If they’re good enough for hardworking carpenters, firefighters and others, they’re good enough for trips down the slope.

Fashionable Styles and Colors

You don’t have to sacrifice good fashion to wear today’s modern suspender styles. Sure, you can choose black suspenders for general wear, but there are all sorts of colors and patterns for variety. Basic colors of blue, brown, grey, green and red are readily available in multiple style choices. Or you can go for alternative colors such as orange or pink. And when you’re not on the slopes, you can wear your fashionable suspenders with jeans and other casual pants.

Easy Adjustable Fit

Ski pants that come with suspenders are okay, but you’re at the mercy of the material and the fit is locked in. Straps too tight or too loose? Oh well. Generally, ski pants with and without bibs are designed to fit a wide-ranging group of people. But not everyone has the same body build, so fit may not be optimal in some cases.

You can do away with the uncertainty of it all by going with adjustable suspenders made from durable, high-quality materials. Suspenders are designed to fit individuals in specific height categories, making it easier to find your best fit. Plus, they come with adjusters, so you can tighten or loosen them whenever you want. Isn’t that better than leaving fit up to chance? We think so.

Sturdy and Removable

Besides getting a better fit, the main reason to choose high-quality suspenders for your ski pants is to enjoy superior longevity. When you shop at SuspenderStore, you can wear your suspenders for skiing for years to come thanks to excellent craftsmanship and detailing. And you can easily put them on and take them off, even when you’re on the slopes — very convenient.

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