Colorful Suspenders Lend a Fresh Accent to Easter Attire

Hippy-hoppity Easter is on it's way! Time to start thinking about what everyone will wear and what to fill those baskets with (other than lots of candy)! Here's a great tip - suspenders are a great solution to both dilemmas, especially for the boys and men in your life!

The Height of Easter Fashion

With decorated eggs, hopping like rabbits and collecting giant baskets of candy, Easter is one of the most colorful days of the year. When you are thinking about Easter Sunday outfits - it's important to remember that the perfect attire will need to travel easily from outdoor easter egg hunts to church to a family dinner. While bright, cheery colors and dressy looks are the theme of the day, comfort is also key, particularly for the little ones. Doing away with a stuffy suit jacket and adding a festive pair of suspenders will add a unique, stylish, and comfortable hue to your family's Easter Sunday wardrobe.

Holiday Themed Suspenders

If you really want to have some fun and add levity to the occasion, a pair of holiday-themed suspenders is the way to do it. Accessories such as SuspenderStore's purple Easter suspenders will be the centerpiece of your outfit, with eggs, flowers, candies and a peeking rabbit that will have you hopping with joy. Pair your holiday suspenders with a light shirt and black bowtie to really make them stand out, or used them to accent a dark top.

Looking for a more staid and reverent, but still novel approach? Try a pair of Christian Fish suspenders - a great fashion choice for any Sunday of the year or church-hosted event.

Add Liveliness with Pastel or Bright Colored Accents

Pastels are commonly associated with Easter and spring, as they represent the renewal of life after a long winter. Adding fresh hued lavender, mint green, light pink, baby blue, or buttery yellow suspenders to your wardrobe will show people you’re ready for a fresh start.

Or try a classy pair of grosgrain ribbon suspenders available in clip or button style in a wide range of colors from bold brights to traditional neutrals. Wear them with a top and bottom from a matching palette to look as good as the eggs on your next hunt, or try mixing them together with other pastel colored accessories such as lapel flowers, bow ties and pocket squares for a cheerful and springy effect.

Even if pastels aren't your thing, you can add a pair of light colored suspenders in a more traditional hue for a sharp and seasonally appropriate effect. Adding a bright colored bow tie or even a boutonniere will seal the deal for a fashionable and spring effect!

The Traditional Colors of Easter Sunday

White and gold are commonly considered the traditional colors of Easter Sunday, especially for the church. Christian baptisms traditionally took place on this day, with white symbolizing new life and belief, while the streets of New Jerusalem were made of pure gold to represent the riches of the eternal home. Show your spirit by matching a pair of bright gold satin suspenders to a white shirt for an elegant look. Or reverse it with white skinny suspenders and a gold shirt that will certainly liven up ceremonies.

Suspenders Make Perfect Basket Stuffers Too

Kids big and small will be delighted to find a bright new pair of suspenders in their Easter basket. For little kids, a pair of Ducky suspenders are always a sure bet, but don't feel limited to traditional themes. Keep in mind your loved ones likes and interests - many different novelty themed suspenders can add panache to Easter attire and then be worn all year long too!

Look Good & Feel Great

Having the right suspenders to hold your pants up can add a lot to your Easter and will show the world your sense of style and love for the holiday. Depending on your church's dress code, you can consider pairing suspenders with shorts or other casual attire for an attractive but oh-so-comfortable ensemble that will help you capture the magic of this early spring day.

Suspenders look great in pictures too - so your decision to add a pair of suspenders to your Easter outfit is a choice that will be appreciated for years to come!


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