Valentine’s Day Inspired Suspender Trends

Where did the expression “From your Valentine” come from? Well, legend has it, Valentine (yes, that was his name) was languishing away in a Roman prison when he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. She would visit him during his long days in jail. Right before he was put to death, it is said that he wrote her a love letter and signed it, “From your Valentine.” The heartfelt closing is still widely used today. Valentine’s Day is the hottest holiday for couples and with it comes high expectation for romance. Whether you are looking for love on Feb. 14 or already have a special someone to celebrate with, Valentine’s Day is a major event. When you’re heading out the door for a night to remember, you want to look your best. Suspenders sizzle So what’s a tantalizing style trend for Valentine’s Day? How about a pair of sultry Valentine suspenders? If you don’t think suspenders are hot, then you haven’t been checking out the runways these days. Suspenders are all over the fashion world, and both men and women wear them well. They are a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, suspenders have it. Valentine’s Day trend There are suspenders for work and play. They look hot with jeans or a dressier outfit. So what is the suspender trend for Valentine’s Day? Well, you guessed it. Red is the color of choice on Valentine’s Day, and whether you are a guy or gal, you will look red-hot picking up your honey for a romantic dinner in a pair of red suspenders from the SuspenderStore. Choose a thin pair of X-back suspenders for a hip look, or a wider pair for a more sophisticated evening. Even more adorable are the Valentine heart suspenders that are simply sweet and sexy. Turn it up If you want to crank up the heat, think about the bow tie and red suspenders set paired with a dress shirt. Looking to make a sizzling start on the night? Lose the shirt and keep the suspenders. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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