Suspenders for Every Holiday!

Suspenders with holiday patterns are an easy, attractive and eye-catching way to show your holiday spirit without having to invest in costly costumes or go too wild-and-crazy. christmas-brassHoliday suspenders can be subtle and classy or loud and showy. Either way they are sure to be conversation starters at offices, school and family gatherings. They’re a popular choice for parties where the dress code is not officially dressy, but not old jeans and T-shirts, either. Or, be stealthy and don a pair of holiday suspenders under your suit coat - your office mates will catch just a fleeting glimpse of your suspenders as they peek out from under your jacket!  Then, take off your jacket, loosen your tie and show them off in all their glory when you stop by the local bar for an after-hours drink! ‘Tis the season Christmas is a favorite time to wear holiday suspenders with or without bowties. At SuspenderStore, you can choose traditional Christmas season motifs or unique limited-edition patterns. Couples and relatives often wear matching holiday suspenders in red, green or same-pattern styles to parties and for keepsake photographs. xmas-compositeThere are a plethora of Christmas suspenders to choose from, so that ugly sweater party just got even better. Wear a great pair that features the holiday spirit, gifts, Christmas trees, or even the big man himself, Santa Claus. No matter what the occasion, a stylish pair of suspenders will help you show your holiday cheer. studio_shoot-211Looking for suspender-pairing advice for the holidays? Enter a party with bold red suspenders and you’ll have everyone’s attention.  Need something that screams “holiday suspenders?” Then throw on some Christmas-themed penguin suspenders — that’ll get the job done. Ring in the New Year in Style For New Year’s Eve, glitter or french satin suspenders from SuspenderStore are popular for adding a festive touch to your attire.  Or celebrate all things bubbly with a pair of our exquisite hand-woven silk "Cocktails Anyone?" suspenders! model-117-editSuspenders for every holiday Have a suspender-lover in your life?  Why not give him a whole year's worth of conversation starters? We've heard of bartenders and every day extroverts who are known for encouraging friendly exchanges by wearing themed suspenders for every holiday season. With special wacky holidays abounding - such as "Penguin Awareness Day" (Jan. 20th) and "Embrace Your Geekness Day" (July 13th) - the creative possibilities for sporting suspenders is practically endless.  But for the basics, we suggest the standard holiday suspenders: holiday A pair of solid red suspenders can do double-duty for Christmas and for Valentine’s Day. Or, wear hearts on your suspenders instead just a heart on your sleeve. Shop our Thanksgiving Day suspenders and Halloween-theme braces. Skull and crossbones suspenders can do double-duty for Halloween and at a pirate’s party.

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St. Patrick’s Day is another favorite holiday to wear green suspenders (so you won’t get pinched for not wearing green). At SuspenderStore, you can also choose leprechaun, Celtic-motif or shamrock-pattern suspenders. Celebrate the holidays of other countries with handsome Australia, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom suspenders. The Mexico flag suspenders are a popular choice to wear to U.S. celebrations of Diez y Seis, Mexico’s Independence Day, each Sept. 16. The SuspenderStore has hundreds of novelty suspender designs to choose from, including novelty themes for every holiday. So go ahead and get into the holiday spirit with suspenders for every holiday! Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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