Groomsmen modeling men's red suspenders and red bow ties

Creative Groomsmen outfit ideas with Suspenders

A lot of fuss is made over bridesmaid dresses, but groomsmen also deserve to look sharp for your wedding. Your wedding theme plays an important role when it comes to deciding what these supporting dudes wear, and suspenders are key to pulling off the ultimate groomsmen look. The neat thing about suspenders is that they complement formal and casual outfits, giving you lots of creative flexibility within themes. Classic or Glamorous Style The classic wedding theme calls for suits with exquisite tailoring. The groom and his buddies are dressed for success and may be mistaken for a classy well-dressed singing group. This look usually requires wearing a suit jacket, and suspenders are worn more as underwear. Ditto for glamorous wedding themes, which often include snazzy looking tuxedos. While suspenders are largely unseen, they too must be made of high-quality materials. Silk suspenders are ideal for all classic or upscale wedding suits. Should the guys take their jackets off during the festivities, silk suspenders come off nicely in photos. Vintage or Rustic Style What’s old is new again when it comes to vintage and rustic wedding themes. There’s a timeless romanticism embedded into both themes that is irresistible for many couples. Authenticity is everything when selecting groomsmen outfits. First, decide whether to stick with traditional slacks and dress shirts, or go more casual by including denim and/or leather in the mix. The early 20th century era provides lots of creative inspiration for male vintage clothing. A simple vintage outfit consists of a nice pair of grey, black or tan slacks, white shirt, vintage-pattern suspenders and a bow tie. Alternatively, Guys can go rustic with jeans or cotton pants in any color and leather suspenders, with a tie being optional. Beach or Bohemian Style Beach and bohemian weddings capture the essence of a free-spirited lifestyle and love of nature. Both the bride and groom have a lot of creative leeway in what to wear. You can follow or break whatever wedding attire rules you desire. Because there are no hard and fast rules, you can incorporate elements from casual and formal attire, and blend them together. Choose suspenders with grey or tan hues or in bright colors that blend nicely with floral and theme colors.  
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