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Top Halloween Costume Ideas with Suspenders in 2020

Halloween is that wonderful time of year when you get to be anyone or anything you want. Halloween suspenders are also popular this time of year, and there are many ways to fit them into a cool costume. To help you get inspired, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for Halloween costumes with suspenders.

Stylish Ghoul

Some costumes with suspenders can be seasonably creepy, and the stylish ghoul is one such costume. This ghoul has always been a snappy dresser and is often seen wearing the same ensemble. Create this look with a black shirt accented by tan or ivory suspenders. Attach them to a pair of oversized men’s slacks in black or another dark color (thrift store pants are good for this). A long black trench coat, black bowler hat, red bow tie, white gloves and dark sunglasses complete the look.

Lovable Nerd

Nerds are getting their revenge on those who mocked them by being ultra-cool, especially during Halloween. You can make a lovable suspenders nerd costume by combining a few nerdy clothing items. First, select a top. This can be a solid white button-down shirt with a black tie or a pattern top featuring plaids, checks or stripes. If wearing a white top, choose colorful plaid or check pants (or a skirt). If wearing a print top, choose jeans rolled up at the bottom or black slacks shortened at the bottom to show socks. Suspender choice is pretty open, so it’s okay to choose plain or pattern styles to complement your outfit.


The Steampunk look is inspired by the Victorian and industrial ages of the mid-to-late 19th century and early 20th century, and it has a cool, vintage-age adventurous vibe. Suspenders are a prominent part of many of these looks in colors of black, brown, tan or beige. Potential outfit pieces include fitted topcoat, white blouse or shirt with or without a bow tie, vintage-style trousers or skirt, leather booties or boots, accessories and hats of that era.

Ideas for Red Suspenders

There are many ideas for creating Halloween costumes with red suspenders, and we’re happy to offer some of the most popular ones.

Eleventh Doctor. This costume idea is based upon a popular British TV show about a time-traveling doctor. Start with a fitted tweed sports jacket and slim fit black pants (black or blue skirt) and pair with a quality button-down shirt (cream, beige, tan or light blue), skinny red suspenders with a matching bow tie and black or dark brown loafers or tie-up boots.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee. This is an outfit idea for a couple or two friends. Pair a yellow shirt with red jeans, pants or skirts and red suspenders. Accent with a red cap (with an optional flag on top) and large blue bows around the neck.

Wooden Puppet. Can Halloween costumes with suspenders turn a friendly, curious puppet named Pinocchio into a real boy or girl? Find out by pairing red suspenders with red shorts, a yellow shirt, blue bow tie, comfortable brown shoes and a straw hat.

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