Fashionable Ways to Rock the Red Suspenders Look

Red suspenders are a cheery clothing accessory to wear during the holiday season. For some suspender wearers, it’s custom to break out the red suspenders for holiday gatherings or parties. Once the season ends, they often get relegated to the rarely worn section of your wardrobe. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Versatile Red Styles

Anyone can look good in red suspenders and they can be worn year-round. The most popular choice for versatility is solid-color red suspenders, and you can choose a deep, rich shade, medium or bright shades. After selecting a solid red, you may want to jazz things up by choosing red in any number of patterns such as red stripe, red plaid or red polka dots.

White Shirt and Red

The brightness of a white shirt or sweater seems to gleam even more when paired with red suspenders. Red and white is an uplifting combination, which is why it’s often worn during the holidays. Black pants are a common choice for this pairing, and the darker pants color helps keep focus on all of that brightness. If you’re a big fan of red, go ahead and wear red pants too. This creates a coordinated themed look, which can be enhanced with red shoes and a red hat.

Black Shirt and Bold Red

When you pair a black shirt and red suspenders, this creates a dramatic contrast that can be downright intriguing. It’s a look that can give you a bit of mystery, especially when paired with black pants and shoes. For vintage flair, consider wearing a black fedora with this look.

Blue Shirt with Red

Another popular color to wear with red is blue. Medium shades of blue and denim blue work really well with red. For a business casual look, you can wear solid red suspenders with a blue button-down shirt and a nice pair of black or grey slacks (tie optional). On your days off, switch out the slacks for jeans or khakis.

Man wearing red suspenders with a red bow tie and a white dress shirt

Red Bowtie

Do you enjoy wearing a bowtie? Break out your favorite red bowtie and wear it with any of the above red suspender ideas. The combination of red bowtie and suspenders is a winning look for any occasion.

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