Top Fashion Tips for Wearing Suspenders to Work

Suspenders are one of the most versatile accessories to have in your wardrobe. Anytime you want to jazz up a work outfit, turn to your collection of suspenders for inspired looks that help define your career aspirations. Whether you normally wear a suit to work or jeans, use these tips to boost your workplace style.

The Top Fashion Tips to Incorporate Suspenders into Your Work Outfits

Classic Business

The classic business suit is still the standard for many professional workplaces. Wearing suspenders with a suit gives you another way to add flair to your look, and possibly standout among other suit wearers. Your best work suspenders may be the iconic red power suspenders, often worn with a blue shirt and blue tie or white shirt and black tie. Blue solid or patterned suspenders can make a red power tie pop. Or opt for a subdued cool and collected look with blue suspenders, blue or grey tie and a white or blue shirt. Black suspenders with a black or navy suit work with any color shirt and tie.

Maroon and gold suspenders with grey pants

Business Casual

Business casual is defined by outfits that are less formal than a suit but not too relaxed. You want to still appear professional and well put together. There are many ways to define this look and you can lean more towards the dressier or casual side, depending on style preferences.

Look dressy sharp in a crisp white shirt and a pair of solid color suspenders in black, grey, beige, navy or red. Or opt for striped suspenders in those colors. Choose grey or black slacks and you’re done. Another idea is an ironed black tee, black and grey or black and white patterned suspenders with grey dress slacks. You can also choose a single- or double-layered waistcoat vest over a white shirt with fashionable work suspenders on top. Pair these pieces with comfortable jeans on casual workdays.

Man wearing a denim outfit with denim suspenders and denim jeans

Relaxed Casual

Feel comfortable and relaxed, while wearing your suspenders any way you want. Suspenders go great with jeans and other casual pants in all colors. For instance, if you normally like wearing work pants with suspenders, you can wear them with jeans too. Even heavy-duty work suspenders look cool when paired with a versatile blouse or shirt with sleeves rolled up, or with a required work shirt. Skinny suspenders look great with nice tops and leather work suspenders are awesome for holding up those outdoor work jeans or pants.

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