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Five Helpful Ideas for Heavy-Duty Work Suspenders

Aside from their unmistakable fashion appeal, suspenders also serve a useful purpose for those seeking a reliable way to hold up pants during work projects. In our view, suspenders offer superior comfort and support for many types of work activities. Keep in mind, though, that the best suspenders for work may not be the ones you enjoy wearing during your leisure time. If you are someone who needs heavy-duty work suspenders, the following information is going to help you choose the best work suspender styles for your everyday needs

Sturdy & Wide Stretch Suspenders

If your job doesn’t involve too much physical work, but you still want suspenders that offer more sturdiness than standard varieties, a two-inch size is a good choice. These suspenders are all-elastic, and typically come with heavy-duty clips for extra security. The fit is similar to suspenders with smaller widths because they are made of elastic, and they come in classic and fashion colors for variety. These are suitable for jobs involving light lifting on occasion.

Strong Low-Stretch Suspenders

Low-stretch suspenders are the next level up in sturdiness. These suspenders have just enough movement in the material to allow for a bit of elastic stretch, but not so much that they lose their strong support. You can consider low-stretch suspenders in this category as a middle ground choice between all-stretch and non-stretch. This makes them a great choice for many types of activities on the job that require physical labor throughout the day. Many of these suspenders come in a two inch width with Alligator clips, pin, clips or industrial style button attachments to hold them firmly in place and are often referred to as “logger suspenders”. Other low stretch suspenders come in a 1.5 inch width and feature Western styling. Called “Rugged Comfort” these popular suspenders come with trigger snaps, industrial button or belt loop attachments.

Some of the jobs that you can do in these suspenders include house painting, plumbing, welding, logging, ranch work and inspection.

Lumberjack with suspenders

Heavy-Duty Non-Stretch Suspenders

When you are working in an environment that demands constant physical movement and you want suspenders that offer ultra-support, choose heavy-duty non-stretch suspenders. These are suspenders made to hold up pants with maximum support. Non-stretch in this context means that they have a strong, rigid structure throughout the front and shoulder area that does not give way to the forces of gravity. However, just because they’re strong doesn’t mean comfort is lacking.

In fact, the best quality non-stretch suspenders include strong elastic material on the back to allow for easy movement. These are the right choice for holding up heavy-duty work pants, and they also do a great job of securing heavy tool belts. For busy construction workers, these suspenders are a must. Those involved in other strenuous work, such as logging, might also rely on this style for hassle-free support.

Reflective Safety Suspenders

Some jobs involve doing work that requires a worker to remain visible at all times for their safety. If you enjoy wearing suspenders at work but need to be seen in murky or low-light conditions, grab one or more pairs of reflective safety suspenders. These wide work suspenders are typically bright yellow, and the non-stretch front is covered in a reflective plastic coating. With a high level of comfort, you can wear them all day long if necessary.

Velcro Loop Work Suspenders

If wearing a belt is a part of your everyday work routine, be it a regular belt or tool belt, you can still wear suspenders that help keep heavy loads lifted. Velcro loop work suspenders are among the best choices for work belt suspenders due to their convenient closure. Simply wrap the Velcro loops around your belt and you’re done. Even better, they are just as easy to remove.

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