Top 10 Suspenders for Animal Lovers

If you are someone who enjoys wearing suspenders and you're also an animal lover, you'll be happy to know that you can combine both of these loves into an amazingly fun fashion accessory by building a collection of animal print suspenders. Prints featuring animals are often classified as novelty suspenders, since they differ from classic printed styles. But animal prints give you another way to express your sense of fashion, fun and love for animals. To help you find the type of prints that could be your next favorites to wear, we've compiled this list of the top ten animal print suspender styles.

Leopard Print

When many people think of animal print clothing and accessories, a leopard print pattern may be the first one that comes to mind. Leopard print suspenders appeal to all age groups, and they instantly add a bit of wild fun to an outfit. Wear these suspenders with casual and dressy tops for a splash of personality wherever your day takes you.

Cheetah Print

Cheetahs are known for their blazing speed and their spotted coats are pretty awesome as well. If you are looking for an alternative to the classic leopard print, we highly recommend getting a pair of cheetah print suspenders. These cheetah print X-back suspenders have elegance and a dash of wild appeal that makes them a fashion winner.

Tiger Print

The majestic tiger commands respect, and its dark tan coat with black stripes makes it one of the world's most beautiful wild cats. If you admire tigers and love everything about them, you can express your admiration by wearing tiger print suspenders. The one-inch width is very fashionable and pairs well with black tops.

Zebra Print

Zebras are galloping animals that have a distinctive look from all other animals with their bright white and bold black stripe color combination. When you wear a pair of zebra print suspenders, you too are making a bold statement that you are unique in your own right.

Dog Print

Anyone who has ever had a dog companion understands how wonderful it can be to have them as pets. It goes without saying that any suspender collection featuring animals should automatically include dogs. But we found it hard to choose just one print, so you can find dog print suspenders featuring puppy toe prints and suspenders showcasing various dog breeds.

Cat Print

We know there are a bunch of cat lovers out there who also happen to enjoy wearing suspenders. For you, we've included fun cat suspenders to wear whenever you're in the mood for some feline fashion expression.

Deer Print

Some people are lucky enough to live near wooded areas where deer frequently roam. Suddenly encountering a deer is unforgettable. These graceful animals are striking to see in person, and they also look great on deer print suspenders.

Bear Print

Wild bears have a special place in many of our hearts. On the one hand, we love their natural cuteness. On the other, we respect their ferocious strength. Share your admiration by wearing black bear suspenders or grizzly bear suspenders.

Horse Print

Horses bring their own sense of majestic animal beauty into our world, and we're all grateful for it. Once a horse becomes a part of your life, you two are bonded in a special partnership. Whether you ride horses or admire them from afar, horse suspenders are a wonderful way to express your admiration.

Eagle Print

The soaring beauty of the eagle is one of nature's most iconic images. The American eagle represents patriotism, pride and strength and our eagle suspenders can be worn for numerous occasions.

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