Holiday Guide: Top 10 Suspenders Gifts for Women

Surprise someone on your holiday shopping list this season with fashionable Christmas suspenders for women. Suspenders are a fun way to spice up an outfit, and they come in a wide range of styles, colors and widths to suit every personality and fashion taste. This guide is made to inspire unique presents with 10 popular suspender choices for gift-giving.

Top Women's Suspenders Gifts for This Holiday Season

Riveting Red

During the holiday season, it’s common to see women wearing the color red. So when you select red suspenders for women as your holiday gift, the recipient may even want to wear them right away. Vibrant red is ideal for festive occasions, and these suspenders look great when paired with a white shirt and blue or black jeans.

Chic Y-Back Colors

The classic Y-back suspender features a single attachment in the rear, instead of the familiar two on X-back styles. The upper straps are conjoined by a patch, providing stability for both front and back straps. Ladies enjoy the range of fashion colors for this style, which may include champagne, coral, lavender and turquoise. They look fantastic with classic jeans and print pattern pants in any style.

Ultra-Thin Skinny

Many women enjoy wearing trendy ultra-thin suspenders in the 1/2-inch width. The slender straps create a cool look that complements a T-shirt, button-down shirt or fitted top. Designed for casual wear, you can find this style in classic colors such as black and red as well as fashion-forward colors like pink and purple.

Bold Black

Black suspenders are bold and classic. If you’re not sure about what colors she likes, black is a safe choice due to its wonderful versatility. Suspenders in this color can be worn with numerous day or evening outfits. This color pairs nicely with tops and bottoms in most other colors.

Wide Plaids

Does she enjoy wearing plaid? Great! Find attractive plaid suspenders in colors she can wear with solid tops and bottoms. We suggest choosing the 1.5-inch width for greater fashion impact. This style goes well with slacks, jeans, shorts and skirts, making them exceptionally versatile. Classic plaid suspenders come in red, beige, burgundy and hunter green.

Pinstripe is Alright

Ladies look awesome in pinstripes too, and for the woman who loves looking sharp, pinstripe suspenders are a great choice. Color combinations such as black and grey or navy and tan can be worn with suits or sporty jackets and a pair of slacks.

Light Up with Glitter

Whether she’s performing in a show or showing up at a party, glitter suspenders can be the highlight of her fabulous outfit. Dazzle her with silver, gold, royal blue, copper, black, red or purple and watch her eyes light up with glee.

The Black and White Stripe

Give her an easy way to perk up a white shirt or black shirt by giving her suspenders featuring a black and white stripe pattern. This classic stripe combination is timeless, creating a perfect complement for casual and dress outfits.

Cute Pets and Tasty Snacks

Appeal to her fun side with a “pawtastic” pair of novelty suspenders featuring dogs, cats, a rainbow and yummy snacks. Pets and snacks suspenders come in two comfortable sizes and feature X-back construction. Browse through the collection of novelty suspenders for more ideas on how to pick the perfect pair.

Cool Tie-Dye

Tie-dyed prints are never going out of style, and you can find suspenders featuring swirls of updated tie-dye colors. Ideal for creative and free-spirited personalities, this is a gift she’s sure to love.

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