Holiday Guide: Top Suspenders Gifts for Men

Suspenders are one of the best fashion accessories for the men in your life who are fashion conscious and want to put together a unique look. Men of all ages look great wearing trendy suspenders. At SuspenderStore, we sella wide range of styles, colors, widths, lengths and patterns. When looking for suspenders for men this holiday season, use this quick shopping guide for convenient gift ideas and tips on how to wear suspenders.

This Holiday Season's Top Suspenders Gifts for Men

Oxford Kent and Matching Neck Ties

Guys who wear suits to work or who enjoy looking impeccable on casual dress days, can look sophisticated when wearing Oxford Kent suspenders. This brand features styles that offer an upscale appearance for a budget-conscious price. Classic patterns include colorful stripes, polka dots and winter themes. We also sell solid colors that can complement any outfit, so you always have a pair to match. The other great thing about these pant suspenders is that you can easily pair them with matching neckties in our Suspender Accessories collection too.

Striped Pattern

It's quite common to see men wearing suspenders with a bold or subtle striped pattern. Striped suspenders are appealing for their sleek and slenderizing appearance. Best of all, they can make any outfit look more dashing. There are different types of patterned stripes available. Some of the most popular ones are pinstripe, classic stripe, Grosgrain stripe, equal stripe and multi-stripe. Some popular color combinations are black and white, navy and white, navy and gray, and navy and red. These also make a great gift for a wedding party as these suspenders for groomsmen can complement any color scheme.

College Spirit

Give a college student or college alum a holiday gift that keeps him smiling with official college suspenders. Some of SuspenderStore's current collections feature schools such as Texas A & M, Purdue University, Clemson University and Michigan State University. Our college suspenders for men feature their school colors and their iconic logo.

Tooled Leather

Men who enjoy Western clothing may get a real kick out of receiving genuine tooled Western leather suspenders. These beautifully handcrafted suspenders for men feature stamped designs that will appeal to any man who appreciates traditional craftsmanship. Most are our leather suspender styles are available in black and brown leather with various buckles and attachments that pay homage to a long-standing tradition of authenticity.

NFL Football Fans

Score a touchdown in the gift-giving arena with our NFL Football Team suspenders. This is a gift that's perfect for any guy who loves his team and enjoys wearing team apparel and accessories. Some of our featured teams include the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants. Score a field goal with your holiday gift this year by adding a matching bowtie.

Let's Go Fishing

Is there a guy in your life who lives for fishing? If so, any angler will love our collection of fishing-themed suspenders. It features both modern and vintage patterns that complement any casual fishing outfit. All of our styles are available with clip-on attachments or a button-end option for our vintage styles.

Neon Light Up

Yes, these suspenders for men are as fun to wear as they sound. A single pair of trendy suspenders with a Y-back construction are one-inch wide and allow your gift recipient to mix and match neon colors. As a gift, they're especially great for fun-loving guys who aren't afraid to stand out. While you're at it, pair them with a matching neon light up bow tie for some extra bling.

U.S. Military

Say thank you to a service member or veteran by choosing to gift them with a pair of military suspenders. You can find suspenders featuring colors and logos for the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy. Choose from classic camo prints for guys who enjoy wearing camouflage.

Heavy-Duty Work Styles

Give hardworking guys a great alternative to uncomfortable belts with heavy-duty work suspenders. These suspenders for men are comfortable enough to wear for working construction and for any indoor or outdoor work that requires strong suspenders.

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