How to Keep Suspenders From Falling Off Your Shoulders

Wearing suspenders is an enjoyable experience for many who love their fashion appeal and practicality. Yet for some, wearing suspenders involves constantly pulling straps up on shoulders. Fortunately, suspenders falling off of shoulders is an easily fixable problem. We know why this happens and what you can do about it.

Women wearing brown suspenders with green dresses

Pay Attention to Sizing

When suspenders are falling off of your shoulders this is a telltale sign that the suspenders you are wearing are simply too big for your upper torso. Each time you walk or reach for something, you are moving your shoulders and arms. This motion causes loose straps to inch their way towards the edge of the shoulder, eventually falling down.

A sure-fire way to prevent this unwanted strap movement is to pay close attention to sizing when making a purchase. Suspenders are easily adjusted for most people, but size is everything for them all the same. Each suspender size is designed to fit bodies of a certain height. Suspender sizes are measured in length, and you must know how tall you are to pick the right size range. If you are looking for guidance on what size suspenders you should get, check out SuspenderStore’s suspenders style guide to find resources to help figure out the proper size for you. Otherwise, you can do your own measurements at home using a tape measure.

Where Does the Adjuster Fall?

You may not be aware that where the adjuster falls on your suspenders reveals something about sizing. If the adjusters are high up on the shoulders, this indicates a longer length suspender size for your body type. When adjusters are close to your waist, suspender length is typically shorter. Learn more about how to adjust suspenders with our guide.

Man wearing black suspenders with black dress watch, blue dress pants, and a grey dress shirt

Quality of the Material

Be careful about choosing suspenders made from cheaper materials. Low-quality suspenders may not retain their original strength after being stretched for a period of time. When elastic gets too loose, it loses tension, causing straps to fall. This is not an issue when you shop for suspenders from a reliable source such as SuspenderStore.

Make Sure Buttons are Positioned Correctly

For button suspenders, you can check to see if buttons on your pants are placed in a good position for suspender straps. Awkward button placement may be a contributor to unwanted strap movement. Repositioning buttons so they align better with your shoulders fixes this problem.

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