Top 10 Men’s Casual Outfit Ideas with Suspenders

Many men enjoy wearing suspenders with a business suit or formal attire. But you can also enjoy wearing suspenders with just about any type of casual outfit. Need some great ideas for casual looks? We’ve got 10 suspender outfit ideas you can put your own personal fashion spin on.

The Top Casual Outfit Ideas for Men with Suspenders

1.) Floral Flair

Floral button-down shirts with a slightly open collar and short sleeves are hot right now. Make it unique with brown or black leather suspenders attached to jeans or casual pants in beige, tan or black. For added coolness, layer a solid color casual long-sleeve jacket on top.

Man wearing denim suspenders, a denim shirt, and a gold tie

2.) Blue Denim on Denim

Indulge your love of denim by opting for a quality pair of denim suspenders for days when you’re in the denim on denim mood. Double the casual feel with a button-down denim shirt. Give this pairing a pop of color by choosing a bright-colored tie or wrap a patterned Shemagh scarf around your neck. Go all in with denim jeans or jean shorts.

Man wearing black suspenders and black shorts with a white dress shirt

3.) Vintage Nerd

Step back in time to an early 20th century look. Start with a short-sleeved light blue or white solid button-down shirt and grey pants with a hem that falls above the ankle. Or you can choose jeans with rolled up ankles. Accessorize with any striped suspenders that make you feel good, a pair of argyle-patterned socks (which should be visible) and a bowtie. If you like wearing hats, a cream-colored fedora can add a dash of debonair polish.

4.) Cargo with Patterns

Cargo pants in any color should be a part of your wardrobe. These pants have a nice, loose fit and several pockets for practical style. Give this look more pizazz with patterned suspenders. Consider suspenders with stripes, geometric shapes or novelty patterns.

5.) Wear Them with Shorts

You finally have the fashion go-ahead to wear your favorite suspenders with shorts. It’s 2020 and if you’re eager to rock your shorts, this look can definitely work for you.

6.) Relaxed and Unbothered

For that laidback look like you rolled out of bed and threw some clothes on, pair jeans or cargo pants with a shirt that is partially untucked in front or at the sides. Keep it simple with solid color suspenders and sneakers or boots.

7.) Tank or Tee

Show off your arms with a white, grey or black tank top or tee with super short sleeves. Wide-width black suspenders give this look a strong, masculine attitude.

8. Mad About Plaid

Plaid can work many ways and breaks up the monotony. Wear plaid suspenders with a solid-color top and bottom. Or choose solid suspenders and a plaid shirt.

Man with striped dress suspenders with white dress shirt and sunglasses

9.) Vintage Newsboy Cap Look

Create a timeless classic look by pairing vintage-style suspenders with a casual top and comfortable bottoms, topping it off with a newsboy cap.

10.) Open Collar and Rolled Up Sleeves

Feel free to unbutton that shirt collar and roll up those sleeves. Or choose an open-collar casual top if you prefer to. Choose any suspenders that provide added visual appeal with this outfit.

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