Suspenders to Help You Kick Off the New Year in Style

Whether you’re starting off 2018 with a bang, or you’re still recovering from New Year’s Eve, this is the perfect time to add a few new accessories to your wardrobe. The biggest trends forecasted for this year include art-infused prints, plenty of plaid, dark-washed denim and anything in red. And when it comes to office dress, fashion is taking a page out of 1980s Manhattan, when clothes were oversized and offered a relaxed fit.

Art-Infused Prints

From shirts and pants to dresses and jackets, wearable art is making a splash this season. Picasso and Monet were all over the runway during Fashion Week, and what better way to wear this season’s hottest trend than with a pair of suspenders. This casual look works best with jeans, but you can also pair a T-shirt and suspenders with khakis or black pants to elevate your style.

Mad for Plaid

From sophisticated black-and-white check to attention-grabbing combinations like orange and green, plaid is back in a big way. Even plaid suits have been popping up at recent events. But if you’re not keen on head-to-toe plaid, no worries – an accent piece is just what you need to refresh your wardrobe. A checkered tie, a houndstooth newsboy cap or a pair of plaid suspenders are an understated way to exhibit your style.

Dark-Washed Denim

Dark denim looks much more sophisticated than your typical pair of blue jeans, and you can use suspenders to either dress it up or down. If you’re heading out to a business-casual event, a white shirt and silk suspenders is both trendy and refined. Or, if you’re looking to have a little more fun, you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt and a pair of colorful suspenders. Check out our selection of novelty items if you really want to make a statement.

Decade of Excess

This year’s office fashion takes us back to the mid-80s, when Madonna wore double-breasted blazers and wide-leg trousers in her videos and Michael Douglas rocked the button suspenders like nobody’s business in “Wall Street.” Worn with a relaxed-fit shirt and a pair of dress slacks (you can skip the pleats), your wardrobe will be ready for 2018 in no time at all.

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