Suspenders: A Fun, Practical and Low Cost Halloween Costume Accessory!

A fun and practical accessory to add to a Halloween costume is a pair of suspenders that won’t empty the wallet. Get a head-start on this year’s Halloween celebration by creating your costume early and miss the crowds that flock to Halloween stores. Dress in black with sneakers and a pair of novelty suspenders that have a Halloween theme, instantly transforming you into a mime. Enter a costume contest and dress up as a firefighter with bold red suspenders. Find a pair of blue suspenders and dress up as Mario or Luigi from the Mario Bros. or Kevin the Minion from the Minion Movie. The list of characters who wear suspenders is endless. Dress up as a nerd, geek, or Catholic school girl. Sport thick-rimmed glasses, a button-down shirt, sweater vest, pocket protector and suspenders to celebrate Halloween and stay warm in the process. When choosing any costume, don’t forget to check the weather! Consider finding a way to add layers to your costume to stay warm. If dressing up as a girl superhero, keep the legs warm by wearing stockings. Or stay warm and go as a snow bunny! Add a solid-colored pair of suspenders to a flannel shirt, don durable pants, boots and a beard to become a warm and fuzzy lumberjack.

Sport a gangster outfit that has a pair of wicked suspenders that matches any pinstripe suit. Add a flat cap, fancy shoes and a devilish grin, and you’re all set to have a night of Halloween fun! Try dressing up as characters from older sitcoms like Steve Urkel from Family Matters, Marty McFly from Back to the Future, or Matt Smith from Dr. Who.

Be festive and stylish this Halloween season by wearing suspenders that hold up a costume so you don’t have to keep readjusting it. Suspenders were originally designed to hold up pants before the use of belts were practical, so it’s traditional. Hold up a piece of cardboard that represents a psychic’s crystal ball and table. Jokingly charge people $5 to read their fortune. Wear it to a Halloween party and sit down on a chair, as if behind a real table, and then suddenly stand up.

Suspender Store has hundreds of designs to choose from, including novelty themed patterns that have great designs to celebrate every holiday. Choose red, white and blue suspenders to celebrate America’s birthday during the Fourth of July holiday or wear green suspenders with leprechauns and shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. There is a plethora of Christmas suspenders to choose from, so that ugly sweater party just got better! Wear a great pair that features the holiday spirit, gifts, Christmas trees and the big man himself, Santa Claus.

There are novelty and funny suspenders for anyone who loves superheroes, too, and they are available in child and adult sizes. Choose the Avengers, Batman, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and more. Rainbow suspenders are fun to wear during special events and are a great way to show pride.

Browse hundreds of designs from Suspender Store and have fun looking through them all. Showcase hobbies with great designs that celebrate the military, music, cars, animals, cartoon characters and more. Suspenders are very versatile, supportive and attentive to the wearer’s needs. It’s even possible to wear a special pair of camouflage suspenders and hunt in the woods without being seen or losing your pants.
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