Wicked Good Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Suspender Style!

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Trick-or-treat, you fashion-forward phantasms - Halloween will be here before you know it! Still need a costume idea?  Check out some of our favorite ways to use suspenders to reach costumed perfection this Halloween. Be A Favorite Character Let’s see… a red T-shirt, white gloves, jeans with big yellow buttons, a red hat with an “M” across the front, and, of course, a pair of navy blue, quality-constructed suspenders turns you into the world’s favorite plumber — Mario! Swap out the red for green and take along your good buddy Luigi.y-1Suspenders can also work well to instantly transform you into Mork (from Mork and Mindy), Mickey Mouse or the 11th Doctor (from Dr. Who). Choose a Tried But True Costume Idea While maybe not the most original idea, using suspenders as part of an old grandpa or nerd costume will always get some laughs.  Or, put on a fun hat, colorful hair, a bright red nose and some loud clothes and voila - you are a clown. "Suspend" Your Costume (but not your creativity) And don’t forget that suspenders are convenient, too! Because they are made to go over your shoulders and support your midsection, it’s easy to extend your imagination like this Dalek from Dr. Who below.  Or, paint a cardboard box like a small, colorful, crunchy candy; attach it to a pair of bright-colored, festive suspenders; throw on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, and BOOM! Instant box of Nerds… get it? Sweet and punny. stelladalekChoose re-wearable clothes and accessories (or use what you already have in your closet) Don’t feel like speaking much sense on Halloween (or spending much money either)? Well, then, set the party on BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO, Minion fans! (Don’t speak Minionese? Well, then, set the party on fire!) While those little, yellow creatures have their own language, good fashion is universal. If you can’t find a pair of overalls for your costume, don’t sweat it! Suspenders are more versatile anyway. Black shoes, a pair of jeans, black suspenders, a yellow shirt, and a pair of ski goggles will get you started.yFancy a more traditional route? Black pants, a black-and-white striped shirt, white gloves, a bit of face paint, and suspenders instantly turns you into a mime. (Just don’t tell anyone what you are.) Don a floppy hat, ratty pair of jeans, tie a bandana to a stick, make his face dirty (or leave it as it already is), add a pair of black suspenders and your kid is an adorable hobo.

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Or keep out the cold as a lumberjack — all you need are some boots, jeans, a flannel shirt, a pair of wide suspenders, and an axe. (Preferably a fake one. Safety first!)  Even your dog can pull this one off! Keep it Subtle and Simple Not into costumes?  No worries - we have you covered.  You can still showcase your Halloween spirit without going hog wild.  Our Halloween themed suspenders offer a fun but subtle approach, or, for an even more understated look - go for a pair of orange suspenders! Save Save Save Save Save Save
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